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New Research on Whale Feeding

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Um...Please Back Up...

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Shakey Jake Dead at 82

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Tommy John Surgery For Younger Atheletes

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How Well Does the 5 Second Rule Work?

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On March 6th...

March 1st is National Pig Day

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Taiwan and China Move Closer - Literally

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Butt Hello

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Chevy Ad Backfires?

Nike and Google Team Up

Boobies that Toot

Re-Learning the National Anthem

NASCAR Goes Product Crazy

$5 Blackjack in Atlantic City

Rivers Cuomo at Harvard

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Memories of Childhood

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The Zapruder Film in a Stunningly Stable Version

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BBC Learnings in 2005

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Sidekick Convention!

Homeland Security not a Fan of Lil' Red Book

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Plan for the Bethlehem Steel Site

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Kicking in the NFL

"I Want it That Way"

College Player Refuses adidas

Beer Pong Becoming Mainstream?

Desperate Housewives, College Football Edition

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Me, All 3D

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Alert! Catholic Church Loves Gays!

Gatorade: You Don't Need It

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MSU Fan Beats Michigan Fan

MRI Accidents

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Jesus, the Movie

"Mr. Schneider, your movie sucks."

Dogs for Ballparks

How Nike Developed the Free

A Mao Widget!!

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Snakeheads Found in Queens

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Data Tiles? The Future of Computing?

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Interview with Mare 139

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Nice Logo

Graf Returns to the Subway

Van Es Corrects the Record

Rock, Paper, Scissors for Decision Making

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JFK Taxi Lot

Dim Sum Unhealhy, HK-neese Don't Care

Time Killing MUG

A380 Makes Its First Flight

Can Ichiro Hit .400

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Bacon Bandages

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The Global Warming Problem Map

Developing East Williamsburg

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Presidental iPod Playlist

Must Resist...

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Darth Tater

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Policing by Lamborghini

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China's Toys and Their Makers

World News, 10x10

Warriors Halloween Party

Canada 2.0

IQ as EV Predictor?

Ted Danson Wins Longshot Bet

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The Game

City Hall Station

Errant Campaign Email

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The Stuyvesant Test

Cecil Fielder and Gamblor

The Japanese Bitchslap

Election Impact on Heinz Ketchup

The Sub as Penis

Chinese Graphic Design

Living Post 9/11

Google Desktop


Bush in Crawford, TX

The Updated Call Girl

Denmark's Crazy Name Rules

The "Toddler King"

Good Way to Register Votes

NY Times Blogs the First Debate

The New $50

How they Get the Ali G Show Done

Pearl Jam Death Cab for Cutie Tickets Reading PA Vote for Change

IHOP in Harlem

Where Did the Cup Go?

Just so Wong

God, Bush, and Florida

Nintendo DS

The Revolution in Transportation

Aks Jeeves

Missile, Military Plane or Boeing 757

Oh Those Woeful Undecideds

China Needs Women

Map of Springfield

The Bush Tax Plan

Times Tries to Recreate Milgram's Subway Experiment

I'm Batman

Friendster Shirts

King of the World?

Alert Status and Electability

Thong Out, Coverage In

Another Possible Design?

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Greyhound Cuts Back

Zell Miller and John Kerry are Chummy

Time to Retire?

If they Mated Springfield

Mike to Jail

Olympic Storylines

NYC From Above

Boozin' Bear


Costco Caskets

Warner Brothers Attempt Appeal to Bloggers

Awesome Arial Photos

"The West Wing" Struggles

Aaron Ross Loves Sneakers Too

Are You Ready for Some TMQ

Gawker Dead?

Electoral Vote Predictor

The Bikes of Kerry and Bush

People Pleased With Kerry?

Bush Visits Browns Camp

China's Boomtowns

The Games Really Begin After Olympic Events

I'm Not Quite This Crazy

Zatoichi Reviewed by the NY Times

Football Heaven

Delgado Says 'No' To God Bless America

Talk About Targeted Advertising

Renew the Assault Weapons Ban

Best Use of Legos Ever

Asian Artists in the Subway

The Lance Effect

Steak Overload

SI Releases Survey Results

America's Favorite Pizza Blog

Moon is the Messiah

The iBMW

Drink Beer With Dinner, Not Wine

DJ Shadow's NY Times Playlist

Does Anyone Else Remember This Playboy?

Why Reagan's Death is not Sad for NYC

Creed is OVER

Pass the Acid

Rowing Takes Off

Hair in Chinese Soy Sauce

India Pale Ale - Perfect for Summer

NY Times on Iraq Coverage

Very Amusing Rendition of Me

Fifty Cent Gas Tax?

Baseball in China?

Family Guy is Back!!

Gothamist Formally Announces Chicagoist

Simpsons Season Finale and Stuff

June 8th, Free Ice Coffee from Dunkin' Donuts


Stuyvesant Cuts Class Size

Alexandra Kerry Proves Me Right with Dress

Thom Mayne of Morphosis - "Back in Stride"

Hummer Sales Slump

Jose Lima's Wife

Hmm...Didn't Know This Was Possible

Inside Gmail

Student Atheletes Gambling

Jackass With a Hole

Horse Gone Wild

The Voice of Porn

FCC Rules Affect Public TV

Slot Machines

Top Baby Names in 2003

NY Times Movie Blowout: Will Ferrell and Keira Knightly

Olive Oil - "Imported from Italy"

Sony Launches Music Store

Disney Cowers in the Face of Bush

Jessica Simpson Changing Audiences

Netflix to Move Online

Easterblogg Bites the Dust

Intense Photos from Iraq

Hillary Clinton all Over The Times

Rhino Gets Busy with Car

The Rich Take Over

Twins 6, Tigers 4

NY Times on Sushi

Fast Times at Stuy?

McDonald's Chairman and CEO Dies

Bob Woodward Shares Behind the Scene Info

ESPN's MLB Misery Index

Forgotten Fulton Street

Ari Weinzweig, Co-Founder of Zingermanís

Tricked out Gucci Caddy

Waste Time At Work

John Ashcroft with Porn

Robert Gallery - Best in 2004 NFL Draft?

Whitney McNally Spoof Site

US vs. Porn

Bad Luck for Fire Truck

Ohio - The Cause of All Problems

Everybody's Doing It - Kinja

The Decline of SportsCenter?

Google to Roll Out E-email

Tucker Shaw's Food Diary

Superman and Jerry

The NCAA Market for Tickets

Picking Nose Is Okay


Cabela Opens in the Northeast

Al Franken Answers 10 Questions

9/11" Minute by Minute

Girls Gone Wild

Fun With Post-Its

Quik House

Photos From the New York War Protest

Blog Survey

New York's Best Pizza - 2004

Oh yeah, Who Needs to Leave Home

Manhattan User's Guide on Spelling

March Madness: Presidential Edition

The Succees of Jack Daniel's

Pew Poll Shows Antagonism Toward U.S.

Light and Day (Reach for the Sun) Video from Eternal Sunshine

Providence Preparing for the NCAA's

What's Your Favorite Curseword?

More Lies from the Bush Regime

ACC Changing From Basketball to Football

Low Carb Krispy Kreme

The Puma Turnaround

Urban Golf Gear

Kerry, Botox?

Driveby Porn

The Effects of Photoshop


Retail Alphabet Game

Robert Pastorelli Dead

China Dam Treatens Area

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