August 22, 2005

The Only Time to Head to Ikea

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ikea.gifI've said it before and I'll say it again, I HATE IKEA. It's such a hassle, the quality is suspect, but it's really hard to beat the price. But if you have to go to Ikea in Elizabeth, there is only one time to go...early. Yesterday, we headed over early and were out in an hour and half! That's like record Ikea time. I think if you don't even buy anything, it takes longer than that to walk through the whole place.

We actually got to the store around 9:40 (it opens at 10 on Saturdays) because they open the store early for restaurant only access. And when they say restaurant only, they mean it. All the other sections are roped off. To lure you there for breakfast, it's priced at 99¢. A good deal, right? DO NOT BE FOOLED!! Like everything else at Ikea, it's hard to beat the price, but the quality is suspect.

The eggs were a pale yellow and almost green. I'm not even sure they were eggs. The home fries were awful, the bacon was disgusting, and the sausage was dry as a bone. That said, I think the sausage was the best part of the "meal." You can, however, get all you can drink coffee or soda for $1. This might be the best deal. Just get your cup and suck down soda or lingonberry juice for breakfast. It's a great way to start the day.

Afterwards, you can even find an owl pillow.

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May 25, 2005

Damn That Sheema Hussein

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I don't get many calls on my home number and when I do, I usually screen them. Most of the calls I do get are from one tele-marketer that leaves messages on my answering machine. And they're all for Sheema Hussein. "Hello! This message is for She-eema Hooo-sein. We have an important message for you. Please call..." The automated voice then leaves a phone number and what seems to be a 15 digit reference number. I think last night was the first time I listened all the way through.

As if the constant phone calls weren't bad enough, the message is completely automated. When they do call, I can't pick it up and tell them he doesn't live at the number anymore and to take him off the calling list. How annoying is that? Oh, the innovations in telephone marketing.

I'm curious as to if the do-not call registry affects these types of calls. If a former owner of the number signed up for something using it, can the marketers continue to call? And what if they don't stop? Even if I do report it, can't they just claim ignorance saying that they actually have business with that individual? Sigh. I guess I'll have to continuously delete those messages for Sheema. I wonder if they are important at all.

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May 12, 2005

Stupid MP3 Ringtones

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People, people. Just because your phone can have a MP3 ringtone, it doesn't mean you have to subject everyone to that crappy one you actually select. I admit it, I have a MP3 ringtone, but it's not obnoxious when it starts up. There's nobody singing at volume 9 when someone calls. I've got that catchy song from The Life Aquatic that's really just beats.

Save us from your Destiny's Child with Beyonce singing when a call comes in. I can't think of any lyrical song that would sound good on a cell phone. And if you're going to have an MP3 ringtone, I think people should stick to instrumental ringtones (like me), but not God Bless America.

I think the only ringtone I can accept with words is Baby Got Back. Because if you have that and the first sound to come out of your phone is "I LiiiKE big BUTTS and I cannot lie," then I'm all for it because that would be the ultimate MP3 ringtone. Imagine yourself sitting at dinner and BAM! You like big butts and your fellow diners know it. Sitting in your office meeting and BAM! Your manager knows you like 'em thick and juicy.

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April 3, 2005

DST Sucks

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I don't usually hate daylight savings time, because the extra daylight is great, but I really hate the loss of that hour of sleep. Okay, so it's partially my fault for starting a video game at around 1:40 this morning and then going to bed around 4, but that's not the point. Oh, and that whole waking up to buy tickets (unsuccessfully) and eat brunch are beside the point too. I want that hour back dammit!! On the plus side, my alarm clock has a little button that I can press that adds an hour. Downside of that button is when you mistakenly press it and think it's a different time.

Okay, I should go nap before I pass out on my keyboard for my lack of sleep.

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January 26, 2005

Please, Just Speak in English

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Why do people that have taken Chinese classes or think they know Chinese think they can say "how are you" to people of Chinese decent? Do these same people find out someone is Hispanic suddenly break out their Spanish to someone they have never met?

Is saying one phrase in Chinese supposed to impress me? Don't these people realize that billions of people speak the language? Wake up, you're not so special. Or is it that they want to connect to me? If that's the case, come over and say, "hi, how are you" to me...IN ENGLISH. Or, "how about those off season moves by the Mets?" That's more likely to draw me into a conversation than saying one common phrase in Chinese. What's more, I don't need to hear your lousy Chinese accent that is actually about 10 times worse than mine.

Please, just hold back next time. Unless that is, you know how to say, "hi, I'm a jackass." Then, I will be impressed.

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January 12, 2005

Mary's Dairy Sucks and She Can Go Suck It

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I went to Mary's Dairy back in May and loved it. Then, they put up their website using my images without my consent. So...Mary's Dairy and Mary's Dairy and Chocolate Bar can suck it! See, there is this little thing called a Creative Commons License that I've attached to my site, which they seem to ignore on their site. Sure, they credit the photo to me, but last time I checked, their site is commercial and they didn't get my consent. Lest you think I didn't contact them, I did. No response.

So, even though Mary's Dairy seems to be doing successful business, and seem to be opening up a new store - Mary's Dairy and Chocolate Bar - in the East Village soon, Mary's Dairy sucks. And their construction workers were working late into the night.

You would think they could offer to pay for my photos. A token fee, perhaps, or even ask to use them. Nope, nothing. Or, you think they could just take their own photos. No, that seems too difficult.

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December 29, 2004

Tacky Virginia License Plate: Fight Terror

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Driving around last night (well, Shannan was driving), I spotted a "Fight Terror" license plate. Because I want to fight terror too, I looked up some possible plates that I could do. Apparently, they don't have "FUSDM", but they do have "FUUSA" and "FUIRQ". Strange, no? So I settled with "OSAMA" because if my name were Osama, I would surely want to fight terror. Sadly, this personalized message is already taken (probably by those damn Virginia Society of CPAs), but if I'm the owner of the other "OSAMA" plate, I can get a new one on my "Fight Terror" plate.

Virginia has over 180 plates that anyone can choose from and it's a rather insane list. I guess there is something for anyone, including those that want to "Fight Terror" for an extra $20 a year. They don't say if that money actually goes towards fighting terror.

This hat would go great with the tackiest hat ever.

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November 23, 2004

A Little Early to Be Smoking, No?

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I think that 8:50 in the morning is a little early to be smoking anything, let alone pot, but that's what I observed on the way to work today. Are you that much in need of something to relax that you've got to light up your joint so early?!? Come on! It's not even 9!! Good fucking lord.

I think there's got to be some rule of thumb. Like drinking before noon is wrong (exceptions for tailgating), smoking a dooby before noon can't be right. Won't somebody think of the children? They were doing this about 100 yards from a high school too and probably about 200 yards from an elementary school. Yeesh. And no, I didn't get a contact high.

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November 13, 2004

People, People, It's Just Water

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Why are people so afraid of getting water on themselves when it's raining. Sure, when it's raining hard, it makes sense to use your umbrella, but when there is a light rain, must you open it right away? Can you not wait until you've fully exited the stairs of the subway before opening it? Must you poke the people behind you with the spokes of the umbrella or spray us with water as you open it?

Sure, I don't have a hairstyle that can be ruined by rain, but I don't think 10 seconds of drizzle is going to ruin your less than precious hair either.

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September 22, 2004

Bah on You Car with Oil!

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Nothing like exiting the office after a long day of work and discovering oil all over your bike. That really sucked. Because of that, I had to ride home with sticky hands (the oil was really all over) and when I got home, I had to wipe down my bike. That kind of sucked.

But I do like riding the bike to work, especially in this cooler weather. No more very hot Tien when arriving to work. Monday and Tuesday, I actually wore a fleece while riding to work. That's three days last week, one over the weekend, and already two this week. The bike really saves me a lot of time commuting and it's pretty easy and the route I take is virtually traffic free. The only problem now is that it's getting dark earlier now so I'll have to pick up some lights lest I get run over.

I even replaced my lock with a super heavy lock from American Lock. Now all I need is another one and I can open up my own bodega.

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September 18, 2004

Rain, Rain Go Away

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Water is a resource that people can't live without, wars starting over it and such, but it's something that I certainly don't need any more of. I'm tired of all the water that has recently flooded New York - and my apartment. All this water is arriving in the form of rain. For the second time in recent memory, there has been a shallow pool of water in one area of my basement. The most recent storm wasn't nearly as bad as the last - no flooding from the roof - but I still spent a good deal of time attempting to mop up the basement.

I think someone needs to build a hurricane stopping machine or mechanism. Sure, it's an impossible task, but if they contain and release enough energy to power the United States for a year, then there must be a way. Or maybe we can stop those winds from coming off of Africa that start the tropical storms. Cooling the waters in the Atlantic would also be a good idea. But seeing that these are more than likely to be impossible, I really need to get that basement fixed.

Oh, and the neighbor upstairs was flipping out again. This time, slamming on the door of the apartment above his at 7 AM demanding that the TV be turned down. Guess he chooses to ignore the fact that nobody is living in that apartment.

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July 16, 2004

Jap Road? That Can't Be Right

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Call me oversensitive, but why on earth would you preserve a street called Jap Road? In Beaumont, Texas (East Texas) there is a four-mile road called Jap Road which is causing an uproar, with many civil rights groups looking to change the name. Sounds about right in my mind. The name is just wrong. It's thought that the original name was meant to honor the memory of Yasuo Mayumi, a Japanese farmer who settled the area in 1905. Some tribute.

Local man Buddy Derouen says, "I hear 'Jap' cars and 'Jap' bikes all the time. Why not Jap Road?" Well, just because you hear that, doesn't make it right, does it, Buddy? Another local, who is leading efforts to keep the name says, "We're not here to bash the Japanese. How can I be considered a bigot and a racist when I got a Puerto Rican son-in-law?" Don't you mean Spic, Wayne? It's not about being a bigot or a racist, it's about being offensive.

No stinging names for streets come to mind for white people, but what about KKK Lane? I mean, you're in Texas after all. Don't forget all the rest of us either. Please change the rest of those street names to Chink Road, Kike Way, Nigger Lane, Fag Boulevard, etc. Please, don't stop at Jap.

Well, it's 2004 now, why not update the name to something that doesn't offend people now? It would be a great tribute to the centennial of Mayumi settling the area, no?

- NY Times: Texas Community in Grip of a Kind of Road Rage

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June 22, 2004

Oh Verizon, How You Toy With Me

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It seems like my never ending issues with Verizon have ended, with no DSL service for me. After being rejected and then re-assured, I've been rejected one last time. So alas, no DSL service for me. I'm not going with satellite since there is an added cost, so I'm either regressing technologically to dial-up, waiting it out for cable, or sharing the connection of my next door neighbor. Obviously, I would like to do the latter - especially since he offered it about a month ago when the saga first started.

I kind of wonder why Verizon can't get their act together. I know sales, customer service, and DSL are all separate bunches of people, but would it hurt to communicate a little? You're one fucking company for christ sakes. I'm almost surprised the customer service person didn't say "why don't you try Time Warner?" after hearing of my troubles. They say the reason is that I'm on fiber optic and not copper wire, which is what they told me the first time too. But when I signed up the second time and changed my number, they pretty much assured me that I would be able to get it. Doesn't look like it, huh? Fucking bastards. Supposedly, they are working on fiber optic DSL now, which is a little crazy. What's going on in their heads? "Let's see, we have some old copper and this new-fangled thing they are calling fiber optic...and now we have this "Internet" thing with high speeds. Hmm...let's install it on the old technology as we upgrade everything else. This is a great idea!!" I'm sure it was probably just a way to get DSL out there to compete with cable Internet service.

Ho hum, looks like I'll be without a connection at home for a little bit. Must go talk to my neighbor. In the meantime, anyone want to buy an apartment?

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June 10, 2004

How About Some New Glasses, Mrs. Reagan?

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So she finds out that Ronnie dies, this might be the last thing on her mind...but how about getting some new glasses Nancy? I mean seriously, it's the 00's not the 90's (or 80's as your late husband might have thought), so update those glasses!! You're eligible for social security and Medicare, no? Or how about dipping into the stipend that your husband got? I mean, you're no spring chicken anymore...if you want to get married, you better get some new glasses.

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June 4, 2004

Stupid Verizon and Your Stupid DSL Service

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Yesterday, I was dealt a major blow to my grand apartment plans. Verizon said I can't get DSL service because I'm not on a copper wire, but a fiber optic one. Since I don't have cable access in the building, that leaves me with no recourse. Sigh. For an Internet addict like myself, this is a problem.

On the plus side, I can spend more time with my friend, television. I also called Time Warner again and they said that someone else called in about service and they might pull a line. That's the sweet to this sour story. It's only mildly comforting though. Nothing like a really nice computer with dial-up service. Woo!

And what ever happened to fiber optics being the wave of the future?!? Stupid Verizon and your dependence on old technology. Stick that copper wire up your ass! If you can provide me with DSL though, I'll gladly pull it out for you. Thanks.

Someone, please cry me a river.

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June 2, 2004

Ways to Combat a Common Name

POST #    1080

So I'm looking at this NY Times article and the byline catches my eye - Jennifer 8. Lee. For at least one minute, I could swear I was blind or seeing things, but nope, that seems to be her name. Now according to a brief discussion on Gothamist, her name was given to her because "8" is lucky in Cantonese and her parents wanted to differentiate her from all those Jennifer Lees in the world. I hope I'm not the only person who thinks this is insane.

If you're Chinese it's going to be hard to distinguish your name from anyone in the world period. There are billions of us. Get with the program. And if your surname is Lee? Combined with Jennifer? Come on, come up with another first name! And no, 8 is not acceptable.

I think there might be too many Tien Mao's in the world, so I think I want to distinguish myself some as well. How about Tien GOD Mao (I know, I know, blaspheme)? Tien CHAIRMAN Mao? Those caps will be required in my bylines from now on. Gotta stand out, can't blend in with all those other "Tien Mao" people.

The one thing I take comfort in is that she couldn't mark "8" as her middle initial in standardized tests and all those other forms that don't take numbers as middle names. Didn't think of that one, did you Mr. and Mrs. Lee?

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May 12, 2004

Airline "Deals"

POST #    1026

Has anyone else noticed that airline deals that you get via e-mail or see published are really just a ruse to get you to call them? Take this great Air France promo for example, it says that you can travel to France for $505 and your companion can fly for as low as $5.05.* Now, if you actually go to the site, you have to call a your travel agent or Air France to reserve your vacation. Bah! Who wants to do that? In this age of the "Internet", why won't they allow us to check this stuff online?

Then, there are some airlines (I believe Northwest is one) that let you attempt to reserve online, but when you click-through, they don't point you to the specific deal (see here for example). What's the point of that? Can't you just limit my options to the deal? I didn't come to the site to travel outside of the five days that you've specified for the deal. I came for those days! If you're lucky, they have a star or something showing that the fare you find is a special deal. Is it too much to ask that they let you sit at your computer and leisurely look at the dates available and plan out your vacation?

I understand that they are just trying to get people to their sites with the hope that when there, you'll make some travel plans. But if I'm there for a cheap fair, I probably won't be booking a vacation for triple the price, right?

*I did not verify the quality of this deal because I'm too lazy/pessimistic to call my travel professional or Air France.

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May 4, 2004

Court Street McDonald's

POST #    999

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again, the McDonald's on Court Street is the worst McDonald's in the world. After last night's movie, I was quite hungry and had a disturbing craving for McDonald's. I get out of the subway, saunter on over to McDonald's, pull on the door, and it's locked. Frankly, this came as a big surprise because I clearly remember advertisements saying that McDonald's is now open when you're hungry and that they are now open later, some all night. Now, you're probably thinking, "well, maybe this McDonald's wasn't open that late." It was 10:20 and it was all locked up. This might be considered late if your hours dictate 10 p.m. as closing time, but the sign clearly stated that they close at midnight.

What the hell? This confirms that the McDonald's on Court Street in Brooklyn, New York, is the worst McDonald's ever. Well, at least the worst one I've been to.

Update: 11:33 p.m., 5.4.04
There was another sign tonight that said they are upgrading their equipment and will close at 10 p.m., while they are doing that. Will that improve their personnel issues? I hope so. They still suck.

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March 21, 2004

Worst McDonald's Ever

POST #    875

They didn't see me smile, I wasn't loving it. I think I've discovered the worst McDonald's ever. It's on 82 Court Street in Brooklyn, New York. Whether or not I should be patronizing McDonald's is not the issue here, the issue is the poor, poor service at this location. Never have I seen so many people work at a "fast food" establishment with such slow service.

There is probably a optimum number of employees to run a McDonald's of that size, but they were over it. Did the restaurant (I use that term loosely) need 3 people working the burger line? Maybe when there are a substantial number of customers, which there were. But when you are making food faster than you are giving people their orders, you don't need all the people and something is wrong. The person I ordered from had the manager assisting her, yet still became backed up with her orders! How is that possible?!? I've noticed a trend at McDonald's, they take multiple orders before going to get the food. This is probably to allow for preparation time, which makes sense. But if your kitchen is turning around orders quickly, do you need to take so many orders? Three orders were taken before the person assisting me left the register. Did she bother to get food for the other people? No. Did she bother to get people their drinks? No. She also didn't have any singles in her register. Did she get the manager? No. She got the money from the person next to her, which makes sense, but how much did she get? Ten? Twenty? Nope. She got change for a five dollar bill!! Last time I checked, that's only five singles. You have no singles, and you get change for a five. Do people in McDonald's not think before they act?

This is the worst McDonald's I have been to, and I've been to several where English isn't the first language of the employees. Spanish in Brooklyn, Chinese in Beijing, French in France, and stoner in Ann Arbor. I would say the second worst McDonald's I've been to is one in Ann Arbor. It was at South University and South Forrest. I don't think it's there anymore, but that place was just dirty. Service was acceptable, but the cleanliness was questionable. I would say that was more due to the location than the employees though.

Thankfully, I'll be moving soon, so I the McDonald's at 82 Court Street will no longer be my local McDonald's.

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March 10, 2004

Damn Ticketmaster

POST #    827

2 tickets to N.E.R.D. and the Black Eyed Peas, 4.15.04 at Roseland - $56
4 tickets to Metallica, 4.21.04 at Nassau Coliseum - $220
4 tickets to The Strokes, 5.19.04 at Central Park - $100
Ticketmaster charges on the 10 tickets - $76.4 ($13.20, $33.60, $29.60)

That doesn't even include the facility charges.

Ticketmaster sucks. As much as they suck, I'm pretty much forced to use them if I want to watch a sporting event or go to a concert. Of course, it's their right to can charge whatever they want because of their nice little monopoly, and I could just stay at home and not buy these tickets, but I love going to concerts, and this is the price I have to pay. It doesn't mean I have to like it. Bastards. I wonder how much money I paid them last year. With the number of concerts I went to, I wouldn't be surprised if it was around $200 (probably about $60 personally). Bastards.

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March 1, 2004

Stupid February

POST #    799

February is a stupid month. It's short and a pain in the ass. Why is it a pain in the ass? Because I don't have a digital watch and now I have to change the date. Stupid February. My watch is smart enough to alternate between 30 and 31 day months, but not for 28 day months (or 29, as the case may be). Stupid February. This is only going to mess up the April/May transition too, when I have to again change the date. Sigh...stupid February.

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February 15, 2004

Message to Southern Baptists, "You're Not Welcome in New York!"

POST #    767

I have a message to the Southern Baptists that have targeted New York as a "strategic focus city", "get the fuck out of my town!" You have no place here. We are happy with one group of fools campaigning for religious conversions, we don't need two. It's like they are a cult, trying to get people to convert and join their crazy group. Can't they just leave New York alone? Let us choose our own faiths, don't push your crap on me.

I may sound crazy, but when you read quotes in a NY Times article that say, "we want to make New York the Jesus center of the world," something has to be said. They are targeting bars on 8th Avenue and the "temples of materialism" on Madison Ave. So in plain english, they are targeting gays and businessmen. God fucking forbid we have gay people in the world. And business? Forget about it. Lest you religious people out there say, "that Tien guy is really crazy," they have also marked Catholic churches, mosques and synagogues as parts of the world they also need to reach. While I am decidedly anti-religion, I am fine with people being religious. I just don't want to have it pushed on me or anyone else when I am cheerfully minding my own business.

The "little read book" reaches out to the hookers, pick-pockets, and crime element of New York, please don't let the Southern Baptists take over the city. I thought the RNC Convention this summer was bad enough, but both? Come on! Leave our fine city alone.

- NY Times: Southern Baptists Bring New York Their Gospel

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February 8, 2004

Someone Hold My Hair Back as I Go Vomit - Part 2

POST #    753

Some one that some people call president was on Meet the Press earlier today. While I was still sleeping, and unable to watch the interview, I just read the transcript. How this dope is in the Oval Office is beyond me. I think I'm seriously disconnected from the people that voted for him last time and will be even more disconnected from the people that vote for him this time. I just hope he doesn't win. I think that if he does, I am forming my own militia in my apartment, where I don't subscribe to the political whims of those in office.


- transcript of a shrub on Meet the Press
- DNC: "Meet the Truth" (.PDF file)

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January 20, 2004

Someone Hold My Hair Back as I Go Vomit

POST #    713

Watching Mr. Bush's State of the Union Address makes me want to puke. He seems to insist on using fear as a reason to keep him in office. Lest we forget Mr. Bush, there are other candidates with greater military service than you. Some of the best moments of any State of the Union is when one party cheers and the other does nothing at all. Great comedic moments. I think I would end up booing Bush too many times that the Sergeant At Arms would have to escort me out.

I was going to do a running diary of the State of the Union, but I realized it would make no sense after the fact and it would be pretty much me going, "what the fuck are you talking about!?!" or making snide remarks that would only inflame people (but I do that all the time, don't I).

I think I need to move to Canada.

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January 19, 2004

Wait, You Want Support Now? I Think Not.

POST #    709

First, the U.S. Government attacks Iraq, a sovereign nation, with little international support, all in the quest for "weapons of mass destruction." Then, they don't find those weapons, but they depose a nasty leader. Now, the U.S. is in charge of running Iraq, but is asking the United Nations for support in establishing a government. You're kidding me, right? You go into Iraq without the support of the United Nations and now you want their help? If I were the U.N. or Kofi Annan, I would just have a good hearty laugh. If you're going to depose a government without international support, don't ask for their support after the war.

Dubbya has two options, pull out of Iraq or suck it up and stick it to the taxpayer. Wait, he's already sticking it to us, so that should read, "stick it to the taxpayer some more."

- NY Times: U.N. Pressed to Send Team to Iraq to Aid Political Transition

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January 13, 2004

What Ever Happened to Simple Packaging?

POST #    696

Is it me, or is the first use of a new Mentadent pump the hardest thing ever? It's seemingly impossible to get an even amount of the right side and the left side out when you first use it. It's usually the light side (left) that comes out, with the dark side (right) resisting. The result is that your toothbrush is left with oodles of one side and a speck of the other. Sure, I have no right to complain, since I'm buying their product and the obvious action I should take is to stop buying Mentadent. But I'm a sucker for gimmicks and stuff like this, so I still use mentadent. But in reality, it's no different than Aquafresh, is it? In fact, Aquafresh should be better since it has "triple protection". Hmm, should I switch? I think not. The coolest toothpaste packaging I remember is Crest's Neat Squeeze (how Neat Squeeze works). You would squeeze the tube to apply the toothpaste and when you let go, it would suck some toothpaste back in, keeping it nice and neat.

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December 8, 2003

Bad Things in Cold Weather

POST #    620

1. It's bad when you ride in a car that has no heat because it was just in the shop for repairs but the parts are on order. At least the car had seat heaters.

2. It's bad when you exit said car and enter an office that also has no heat, where it actually feels colder than it does outside. When you even wear your glomits and type with a pen, PDA style. Sadly, no seat heater to be found in office chair.

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December 5, 2003


POST #    609

My prized possession...

Nike's Air Max 95 - the original release, with original box!

It was almost like ESPN Page 2 was thinking about me when it wrote about guys being obsessed with sneakers. It mentions people that are just starting their sneaker collection, and already have 70 pairs. At this point, I'm not sure how many pairs I have, but I don't think I'm even close to 70. My buying habits have slowed. I can modestly say I have 30 pairs, but it's probably closer to 50 pairs. My most prized pair of shoes is my Nike Air Max 95 - original release. None of my shoes are in unworn condition, save a pair or two, but I have yet to wear the Air Max 95 outside the house since I bought them on eBay. They are probably one of the top 10 most influential sneakers of all time. In 1998, Footaction ranked it #17. I scoff at that. I want a new pair of sneakers. Something to do over the weekend! Woo. Festivus shopping for me. I realize I am completely insane.

- The 'sole' of a shoe fetishist
- Air Max 95 auction on eBay (they are a tad large, but I'm considering putting a bid in)

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October 30, 2003

Advantages of a Studio

POST #    515

Since moving over the weekend, I have quickly discovered some advantages to living in a studio apartment and how I might have to change my life a little to get used to living in a larger place.

In a studio, I lived in a much smaller space, with everything about 10-15 feet from where I was at any given point. Now, it seems I have to walk about 20 feet to go to the bathroom.

In a studio, I lived in a much smaller space, giving me less room to store stuff. Now, in my temporary residence, I have a lot of space for useless crap.

In a studio, I lived in a much smaller space, with a murphy bed that I would watch tv from. Now, if I watch late night tv and fall asleep, I have to walk all the way to a bed for the rest of the night.

What's it going to be like when I actually have to walk up some stairs to go to sleep. I'll be "in Barney."

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October 28, 2003

I Think You're Missing Something

POST #    510

Okay, sometimes I talk about things, and I don't really know what I'm talking about. I think most of the time, I'm just pulling stuff out of my ass. But in order to lecture someone about professionalism, don't you have to have some yourself? Not that I'm professional at all times, but I don't really go around lecturing people on their professionalism. Just a thought. I'm going to stop before I get in trouble.

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Bah, a Bad Start to the Day

POST #    509

Wake up at 7, shower, get ready, go downstairs to get a ride to work, snap a picture, get out of car at work, drop camera. Camera now dented on the zoom part of the lens. Lens cover now does not open/close. Camera needs to be sent to Illinois for repair. No word on cost or duration of repair.

Hopefully the day will get better.

Ahh, this makes it better.

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October 6, 2003

ikea is a pain in the ass

POST #    433

i'm not really going to open any eyes when i say that ikea is the largest pain in the ass store...ever. it's not just the assembly part, but the whole process. they make you trek out to an industrial area where there is nothing to do but shop. once there, if you can find parking, they herd you through their pre-designed rooms. if you want to order anything in the rooms, you have to copy all these numbers and maybe even wait 20 minutes to talk to a sales person. then once you're finally off the showroom floor, you have to find your items in the warehouse - another pain in the ass. if you manage to find all your items and place them in the coveted shopping cart, you then get to pay. this is the most pleasant part of the ikea experience. after all your items are rung up, the display only reads like $200, yet you have a new desk, a matching hutch, and file cabinet, as well as 50 other items you picked up along the way. after lugging your new stuff home, the real pain begins. you have to assemble all the compressed "wood" that you just bought. the instructions are just pictures with cartoon people that are smiling. in reality, you never smile when assembling ikea stuff. you actually consider yourself lucky if you have all the parts needed for assembly. two hours later, you finally have your stuff assembled, and all for $200. you realize that all the other 20-something people have the exact same desk, but only in a different color. you also realize that if you ever move, this stuff will probably be useless to you since you would rather go to ikea again and deal with the pain than moving stuff. it's an endless cycle that ends only when you reach your 30s.

that said, i'll be soliciting help with my ikea stuff when i move into a new apartment.

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October 4, 2003

parents are mean

POST #    430

why must parents call you early on the weekends to wake you up. don't they understand that everyone doesn't go to sleep at 10 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m.? people of the younger persuasion, like myself, seem to go to sleep later and wake up later, especially on the weekend. some of us got back from a concert pretty late and were looking at our photos from the concert. sure, they brought over boxes for my eventual move, and sure they have raised me, but can't they just wait a couple of more hours before they pick up that phone? that's all i ask. when i have my own kids, i will do the exact same thing my parents do.

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September 30, 2003

shut your pie hole

POST #    416

in a case of someone not knowing when to shut their trap, brenda warner, the wife of st. louis rams quaterback, kurt warner, complained about her husband's situation. i don't think she realizes that her husband sucked for every game he played last year and this year. on a local radio show, she said, "so you know what? we're open for anything. we've always said we trust god in everything that happens for us. this is one of the things that we've got, again, to put our trust in him and know that he'll take care of us." oh please, because god is really looking out for you. maybe marc bulger is also a believer and so is every other quarterback, so maybe you're shit out of luck. i think you just need to shut up, and wait until the season is over. stop distracting your husband and his team, and enjoy the money that he's making.

read more about her whining here.

and another thing, does anybody like michael irvin? cowboy fan or not? (oops, that might not be the best article about him. oh well. maybe this?) and i think he just said, "dawg."

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September 27, 2003


POST #    409

i'm sitting here in my hot apartment watching collateral damage, AHH-nold's movie from 2002. in the movie, he is a firefighter avenging the death of his wife and son. in real life, AHH-nold is running for governor of california, which, according to sports guy, he calls "cal-eeee-for-knee-ah."

since he was a firefighter in the movie, i was sitting here and wondering how his relations are with actual firefighters in the state. the largest group of firefighters in the state, california professional firefighters, has endorsed gray davis for governor. i guess firefighters don't want to be portrayed as crazy people that go to foreign lands to exact revenge. that, and they seem to like what davis has done. in the movie, AHH-nold clearly has some excellent diplomatic skills that he exhibits while in columbia.

fyi, i don't plan on following the fcc's equal time rules (yes, i know they don't regulate this site), so i won't be covering the other 133 candidates. i do, however, think the whole thing is a joke.

two other interesting things about AHH-nold from gregg easterbrook:
-on some environmental issues
-on his writing

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September 23, 2003

chill with the umbrella there, pokey.

POST #    394

okay, so it's raining hard and you don't want to get wet. fine, open your umbrella right as you open the subway. but if it's not raining hard at all, do people really need to open their umbrellas immediately upon reaching the open part of the subway stairs? i think not. i believe eyes are a tad more valuable than your freshly coifed hair. and these people complain about the same thing when they are entering the subway. the nerve.

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September 22, 2003

american express and dell, how they are the same

POST #    392

it seems that dell and american express are similar in two ways. they both seem to farm out customer service to india and they both suck! i've ranted about dell before, but tonight i had a poor experience with amex. after taking about 1 minute to get to a customer service representative, i am put on hold to talk to their credit department. the first csr didn't know if they were open and asked if i would hold. after 7 minutes of this, i got tired and gave up in attempt to rectify my account issues. what were the issues you ask? well, apparently i haven't used my card in the past 12 months, which is a reason to cancel my account. i suppose if they don't want my potential business, i just won't ever get to use their account. if a restaurant is amex only, i won't go. amex, visa thanks you.

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home destroyed? move!

POST #    390

okay, this may be a tad insensitive, but if you live in the outer banks, you should probably move after this latest hurricane hit. you live on a narrow strip of sand that nature makes smaller and smaller each year. is that not enough of a hint? or maybe the hurricanes that hit every couple of years. that might serve as a warning, no? am i the only one that thinks that people living in some places is just foolish? and should the rest of the people in the country have to foot the bill for the maintenance of some sand? i mean, if someone wants to live there, fine. if the insurance companies want to ensure their homes, great. but i think there are times when nature beats the desire of man.

i'm not articulating myself very right now (food coma), but read more in the times about nature and the outer banks.

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September 17, 2003

voters in seattle and alabama speak - "we don't care about the future of our children!"

POST #    381

this week, voters in seattle and alabama voted against new taxes in their respective elections. both tax increases would have paid for an increase in educational spending. seattle-ites (should we just call them satellites?) said no to a 10¢ espresso tax overwhelmingly (i liked the idea before, and still like the idea). it seems like a lot of people thought that an espresso tax was a slippery slope that might have resulted in other taxes, but if they vote on them anyway, why do they care. they can just reject the next one. and how cheap can they be? 10 freaking cents! and their state doesn't even have an income tax! if i were a coffee addict, i would gladly pay an extra 50¢ a day (addict, i said) instead of paying an income tax. if anyone from seattle is reading this, can you give me the $45 that new york takes out of my weekly wages (if you have the tax rules in front of you, you can figure out how much i make)? if you do, i'll pay 10¢ for every cup of coffee you drink and donate it to an education charity. fair deal? sure education is usually paid for through property taxes, but if you're not paying any income tax, don't bitch about 10¢ a cup. the tax was to pay for day care and pre-k for low-income families. and yes, the tax was basically a tax on the middle and upper class. i think low-income people can't pay for espresso, let alone a 10¢ tax.

residents of alabama, despite a HUGE deficit of $675 million, voted no for a tax hike as well. the governor of alabama, a republican, proposed the $1.2 billion tax package (when do you ever hear that?). the governor had warned that prisoners would be released, nursing home patients would be released, and children would be without books. while his cuts will hit everything, education is looking at cuts of $268 million. he even used god appeal, which gregg easterbrook writes about, but to no avail. i guess the people of alabama are going to hell.

the ramifications of the seattle tax will not be felt immediately, or at all for that matter, but in alabama, they better start praying to their lord jesus christ. in october 2004, their education system will become even worse than it will be this year. this year, they can cut anything to make up the $268 million deficit in education except teachers (the teachers union supported the tax plan). in '04, there could be "4,600 teachers and 2,000 support workers without jobs and forcing many struggling schools to close." of course, the governor will be blamed for this next year as everyone forgets about his warnings.

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September 14, 2003

always eat before drinking

POST #    372

that is something i am realizing now. it's something i should do from now on too. not going to correct typos too much. yikes, there area lots. going back to correct...whew. that could have been bad. i wish i had some food in my fridge. i don't think my block of chedder will cut it. woo! cheese steak. going to have cheesesteak in philly next weekend. i'm very excited. michigan won, you know? big test next saturday against oregon. you know what's strange? my love for pizza nad all with my review page...despite me being somewhat of a pizza snob, i love it so much that i can eat it no matter how bad. case in point tonight. man, i wish i had something to eat. bread would be good. i do have frozen elios pizza. mmm...maybe i sould hit up that block of cheese. nah, where is the water though. that i should do.

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September 8, 2003

"someone has a case of the mondays."

POST #    357

today is one of those days where nothing in the morning goes right. for me, it might stem from watching a movie last night that was over three hours long, but i won't attribute it to that. sure, i never get enough sleep, but that's another issue.

this morning, i decided to wear the wrinkles out of my shirt, had to go back into my apartment twice for things i forgot, all the traffic and lights were going against me, and i missed two trains. just not my day. i'm surprised i didn't turn my ankle somewhere. the day is still young though, still very young.

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August 26, 2003

$401 billion in 2003, $480 billion in 2004, $1.4 trillion over 10 years

POST #    322

the congressional budget office (they are non-partisan, unlike me) released some budget figures today and they are ugly. i suppose the deficit projection is not quite as bad as i stated, the 10 year projection has the country $1,397,000,000,000 in the red ($13 billion is a drop in the bucket). if a company was run like this, they would be bankrupt and their board and ceo would be ousted (hmm...board and ceo ousted...elections...hmm...). and i love how i got that tax break, i feel like i'm helping to contribute to the $401 billion deficit this year too. even people who don't vote are participating in government, how nice. i guess this goes to show us that when you are hemorrhaging money, you don't cut your source of revenue. sure there are added expenses with the whole security thing and the rebuilding of other nations, but that doesn't make sense either, does it? "we're facing increased expenditures, what should we do? let's cut our revenue!" and the unfortunate thing is that there is no politician in their right mind that will raise those taxes because they wouldn't get re-elected.

if you want to read more about this, read this, or go to the cbo's study (it looks really boring).

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August 23, 2003

a beautiful day

POST #    318

there are so many things that people can do on a day like today, in my opinion the best day so far this summer in nyc. there is the park, the beach, or just walking around. i didn't do any of this. i was holed up in a computer lab studying. it sucked big time. now i will vege out by watching a movie followed by college football (woo, it's back) and a concert.

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August 19, 2003

china to introduce "super id"

POST #    306

in an article in today's ny times, it is reported that china will introduce "an electronic card that will store that vital information for all 960 million eligible citizens on chips that the authorities anywhere can access." with china's stellar history with human rights this new card obviously has some people concerned.

the current id card has info like a person's nationality, birth date, identification number, and info that shows your region of birth. the new card will have a chip that stores data on all government services a person receives.

but is china's system really that much different from the things we have in the united states? our credit cards, our social security cards, our insurance info, our club cards at the grocery store, and even our metrocards and our ez-passes. the list goes on. granted, the storage of information in the chinese system has more potential problems than anything that is currently tracked in the united states. but is a national id card here that far off? nope. in the wake of the events in 2001, there have been calls for id cards here too. next thing you know, we'll be throwing people in jail for not doing anything. oh wait, we already do that.

and just because i'm writing this, it doesn't mean i don't love this country. it's just that sometimes, we are a tad hypocritical and quick to judge. and it's not like we question the patriotism of people that question our government's actions either...

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August 18, 2003

what's wrong with this picture?

POST #    304

is it wrong for mary kate and ashley olsen to be in an upcoming issue of rolling stone? obviously not. the pictures aren't even that sexual, but it's just kind of strange to see them trying to look sexy. i remember them as one of the tanner daughters on full house.

see all the photos here.

hmm, little michelle tanners they are not.

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August 12, 2003

save our state: vote terry tate!

POST #    293

okay, so we all know that the situation in california is a huge joke with porn actresses, porn magazine publishers, multiple actors, politicians, and everyone else running, but now terry tate is in the race!! i have previously said that i would vote for arnold, as in arnold drummond - a.k.a. gary coleman (if i really lived there, i would keep davis because throwing him out opens up multiple cans of worms). so with the introduction of terry tate, my support is now with him. i suppose that people think this is not helping the situation with california, but can you even take anything that state does from now on seriously?

terry's got some solid issues that he plans to tackle. from his press release:

As the league-leading Office Linebacker for four years running, "Terrible" Terry Tate possesses the vision, the experience and the unique ability "to bring the pain up in this humpy-bumpy" that California so desperately needs. Terry promises to end partisan gridlock by knocking some fiscal sense into the corporate lobbyists, career bureaucrats, and partisan politicians who are at the heart of the problem: "I'm the type of player that player haters hate to play— 'cause I'm 100% heart baby, all day, every day."

Once elected, Mr. Tate will tackle white collar crime: "Y'all suckahs who don't pay taxes and hang out on your Gucci yachts? With Triple T in charge, you know you gonna get caught." Terry also commits himself to reducing overcrowding at schools, improving air quality, and eliminating "long-[expletive] coffee breaks— five minutes tops, or y'all gonna get clocked."

And despite the risk inherent in being the top executive of the state, Terry stands alone among leading candidates in his pledge to realize the hopes and dreams of the voters of California without taking a vacation or a sick day. "Playin' hurt? Baby, that don't phase me. The only pain I got time for is the pain I put on fools who don't know what time it is."

Most importantly, a vote for Terry Tate is a vote for a better future for California's children, families, and businesses: "I'm gonna govern the [expletive] out of this state. Believe that, California."

check out terry's site here or read the times' coverage on it here.

thanks to halley for the photoshop help.

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there is more than just accelerating and braking!

POST #    291

for all you drivers out there, you don't always have to be pushing on one of the pedals. there are times when you can just cruse and use momentum. there is no need to accelerate all the way to the red light. you can let the car run for a bit before you step on the brake. there is no need to put pedal to metal immediately before slamming on the brakes. i thought i would share with the world.

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August 7, 2003

must you chew with your mouth open?

POST #    281

okay, i'm not the most civil person with food and stuff, but when i chew gum, i usually don't chew with my mouth open for all to hear. is it really necessarily for everyone in the office to hear my gum chewing? i don't think so. that's why i chew gum to myself. it's downright nasty and tasteless at work. come on, get some business sense.

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August 3, 2003

practice again

POST #    271

today was the 2nd attempt at practicing for next week's dragonboat race. last week was our first practice which went horribly, with so few people that it was almost impossible to practice. what happens this week? totally different people, some of who have never seen the inside of the boat and some who have apparently rowed in the old country. one would think that the people last week would have a desire to improve, but i guess their "skills" are good enough in their minds. someone today also seemed to think that drinking a beer before working out at 10 in the morning was a good idea too. next week is going to suck.

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August 2, 2003

blinded by the GMAT

POST #    269

does anyone think it's possible to sue the ets for the GMAT? i spent pretty much the whole day doing homework for my class. i don't think i can look at math for the rest of my life. my brain is totally fried despite the nap break and the lemonade coolata break. it's good that i had audrey around studying too. that kept me semi-sane.

after studying, i watched field of dreams for the first time. it was an excellent movie. now to watch daredevil.

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July 29, 2003

what has the times come to?

POST #    259

they have writers that lie and now they have porn stars and men kissing on their webpage? (i'll still read though. if anything, i'll read more.)

jenna jamison and the boys.

thanks to halley and shannan for the photoshop help...again. eventually, i'll get the hang of it.

i suppose if you actually want to read the articles, this has jenna in it, and this is about gays in the media.

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July 22, 2003

a little love please

POST #    244

i've been sitting at my computer for 3 hours now, doing kaplan GMAT stuff and i finally get to the last two parts which require the included course cd. i open it, place it in my cd drive and am ready to study some more. much to my dismay, the cd is only for windows computers. sigh. i guess i'll take a look at work tomorrow. maybe i can exchange it when i get to the "manhattan international kaplan center" tomorrow.

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July 14, 2003

dell sucks! - part 2

POST #    219

i previously mentioned how dell sucks because of their lousy customer service. well, lucky me...i got a survey from them asking me to rate their customer service. despite my order shipping out early friday, i decided to rip them a new one. there were a bunch of questions asking how important several aspects of customer service are to you and how dell was at doing those tasks. i think i answered all of them as extremely important and my satisfaction with dell as extremely dissatisfied. when given the option to comment, i said:
"well, you should first change this survey to dell customer dis-satisfaction survey. that would be a little more accurate. i mean, i honestly expected more from dell. i guess i will never be buying anything from dell again. your loss."

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July 8, 2003


POST #    206

okay, this is totally random and may be too much information, but i just had to pee really bad (not driving across country and no bathroom for miles bad or just had an extra large soda and watching an imax movie about waterfalls bad, but bad) and this thought came into my mind soon after the peeing. i think that peeing might be the most underrated pleasures out there. not regular peeing, because that's just functional, but the feeling you get after really needing to pee. actually, peeing as a pleasure might not be rated at all (excluding the people that like to pee on people or be peed upon). if there were a box at blockbuster for peeing, they would slap an "NR" rating on it, since it wouldn't be rated by the motion picture association of america.

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dell SUCKS!

POST #    205

so i'm not getting my iPod because there is some delay or something, but that isn't even the reason that i think dell sucks. the main reason they suck is they have a poor customer support system. first, i get an email saying that my order was delayed. i then call them to check on this and find it impossible to navigate their phone system. they even have this 'check your order' "feature" that gives you very little information. all i got was "your order has been placed" and was then disconnected. thanks, i know my order was placed. so i call back, get lost in their menus looking for a real person, and finally i get to one and he says that the order was shipping out that evening even though i got the aforementioned email. somewhat skeptical, the phone call ends. today, i call back to check on the order again so i could get it all clear again. after going through the system about 3 times, i finally get a person on the phone, and she says that it will be shipped next week. good job dell. tell me 7/7, then 8/7, then that it will ship on time, then a week late. i should have just ordered from apple, but i got some money off, no tax, and free shipping.

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June 25, 2003

more on telemarketing

POST #    11

so i posted about this about a week ago, but now the national do not call registry has started. i believe new york is adding their numbers to that list, but just to be sure, you should register here (yes, the site is ghetto and it is quite slow - prob b/c of everybody registering).

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June 19, 2003

telemarketers suck

POST #    30

i think everyone agrees on this subject. i was on the ny state website today and stumbled upon a "no call" registry. on the site, you can list your info so telemarketers wont call you. at least thats what they say. i'll try it out. i cant take those 9 am calls on the weekend anymore.

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April 23, 2003

those guys at the ny times are thieves

POST #    144

mainly eric asimov who reviewed nick's pizza in manhattan. he might as well say, "after seeing the tien/audrey or audrey/tien pizza review page, i decided to do my own review of this new place." the nerve of that guy and the times. sheesh. talks about the burnt crust, the sause, and the cheese as not being the same as he remembered...well maybe thats because you never went!! all you did was read our review!

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March 26, 2003

more cartoons

POST #    123

instead of making a real argument or taking a real stance on the war, i'm posting more cartoons.

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March 23, 2003

what a boring sunday

POST #    120

i was supposed to go skiing today, but somebody decided to get drunk on saturday and stay out late. i was also out late, but that someone said they wouldnt go. they also said that they would go skiing further north next weekend and pay for the lodging. might have to take them up on that.

so i wanted to throw a baseball around today, but nobody could do that either.

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March 19, 2003

"war, what is it good for?"

POST #    116

check out this letter to bush about the war by michael moore (thanks audrey for the forward).

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POST #    115

so at vail, it has snowed 23" in the past 7 days, and 16" in the past 48 hours. this and 21" two days before i got there. when i was there, it hit the mid 40s everyday and the show became very wet by the afternoon.

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March 18, 2003

troubling times

POST #    112

so since we are back into an orange state of alert, i thought i would do a public service to show the government's colors of the rainbow and their new site on what to do if we encounter a chemical attack (thanks to lauren for sending this to me).

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March 15, 2003


POST #    108

i'm back and sorting through my mail...oh so much mail. it was so hard getting my stuff into the apartment. skis, boots, poles, bag, mail, packages. what a mess.
on the bright side, i got 20 cds in the mail of various concerts. my list is growing quite well though. i guess if you want something, ask and maybe we can work something out...

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stupid tax cuts

POST #    106

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March 14, 2003


POST #    105

so how is it that i leave denver and return to new york and the temperature has been cut in half? 70s to 30s? thats not right. oh well, really dont have much to say except that i was listening to air traffic controllers while i was on the plane. it was fun (as sad as that sounds). it made me think of the pushing tin.

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March 12, 2003

1"? blah!

POST #    101

overnight, there was one inch of new snow at vail. one inch!?! what happened to the 21 inches that they had last week while i was sitting at home? poo. oh well, i'm not going to complain anymore than i just did since i am enjoying myself emmensly. the one inch did make for some cool carving. there is nothing quite like a nice carved turn in fresh snow leaving a continuous "s" on the mountain. this inch of snow was gone by noon though as people tore up the mountain. its so warm here that i am seeing bare spots on some trails. not good. tomorrow is the last day of skiing for me and while i am very tired and would like to rest for a day, i would much rather stay here until the season is over.

oh, i've also developed this funky ski tan. i keep removing my goggles (no, not google) while on the lift, so its not as raccoon looking as could be, but there are noticeable tan lines - mostly from my helmet. it will be quite amusing for you guys if/when you see it.

explosions!!! must be avalanche control.

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talk about backwater

POST #    100

so i was watching denver's local news this morning and they talk about marriage and how alabama lawmakers are trying to raise the age limit for marriage. what is the age limit now you ask? the nice ripe old age of 14. 14!! what the hell. who would want to marry their brother or sister at 14?!? i guess if you impregnate your sister in alabama, you better get married. they are trying to raise it to 16 which is the age in most other southern states. in my opinion 16 is still a bit young. crazy.

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March 8, 2003

balmy denver and almost freezing vail

POST #    93

touched down at 7:15 mountain time (more about this in a second) and it was 54 degrees. what is up with that? i mean nyc was in the 30s when i left. here in vail, its 32 right now at 10:54 pm mountain time. i think i felt a drop of rain when i got here. doesnt seem right.

so i think mountain time is really going to mess with me just like central time would mess with me. you know how i love tv, but now i have to work off of west coast programming times. i guess this is good in a way since prime time tv will be over at 10 letting me get to sleep earlier. and i have to learn a new set of channels. oh the pain.

if you want to check out the ski area here in this town, i think its called vail or something, click here.

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March 6, 2003


POST #    89

another 5 inches of snow in vail. thats 21" in 48 hours. and i'm missing it!!

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March 3, 2003

i hate internet shorthand

POST #    79

this is what our world is coming to. i try to avoid this at all costs. please tell me if i do anything remotely like this.

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February 28, 2003


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so i was watching the cbs morning show for some reason today and they had the person who was voted off survivor (i actually dont watch conflicts with other programming) last night. low and behold, it was the asian dude. now we all know that asian people arent exactly the most prominent people on tv (save the chinese, korean, japanese channels), so his being "voted" off seems a tad fishy. that and he contracted a serious form of malaria...coincidence? i think not. i smell a c-o-n-spiracy.

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