April 21, 2009

On Mountain BBQ in Vail

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While skiing at Vail, you can eat barbecue at 11,000' at Wildwood Restaurant. As with all the on-mountain food, it's not cheap. But if you've already eaten your homemade sandwich for a really early lunch, a late lunch of BBQ is good stuff. And since the weather was so nice on our final day, we ate our food outside in the glaring sun.

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April 6, 2009

Snowy Trees in Blue Sky Basin

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We're leaving Vail on Tuesday after getting here late last Thursday. We were scheduled to ski for four days, but unfortunately Shannan broke her arm on the very first day. While Matty was able to get all four days in, I was only able to get onto the mountain for two days. Today (my 2nd of the two days) was great though. We had awesome weather and made many, many runs. It was a good way to end a trip with upsetting moments. On the plus side, Shannan did break her arm in one of the places with the most orthopedic expertise in the country.

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February 14, 2007

Panorama of Blue Sky Basin at Vail

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This panorama (click for larger) is of the view from Grand Review in Blue Sky Basin. I previously had some photos from lower down the trail, but this is from very close to the top of the trail.

Again, you can see much larger over at flickr.

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February 13, 2007

Panorama of Sun Up Bowl at Vail

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If you haven't marveled at the views that Vail has, I've got a couple of panoramas of the back bowls. This one is of the Sun Up Bowl. To the right of the photo is one of the mountain peaks. The one pictured is 11,250 feet. Click the image for a slightly larger version.

And if you want to view this very large, head over to flickr.

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February 8, 2007

The Back Bowls and Blue Sky Basin at Vail

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One of the best things about Vail is its back bowls. While the front side of Vail is more than enough mountain for me, it's always nice to take a trip to the other side to change things up. In addition to the seven back bowls, Vail has Blue Sky Basin (its newest area which opened to controversy in 2000), which offers some of the most amazing views in the whole ski area. I believe the top photo is from a lift in one of the back bowls and the other two photos are from Grand Review in Blue Sky Basin. I think Grand Review is my favorite trail at Vail. It offers stunning views and you can ski in the amongst trees without too big a risk of actually hitting one.

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February 7, 2007

Sunday at Vail

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Sunday proved to be one of the nicer days for me while I was in Vail. While Thursday was cold, Friday was even colder. The same weather system that is chilling the midwest and the northeast was over Colorado on Thursday and Friday. The middle of the mountain registered at a balmy -11°. Factor in the wind and the temperatures were as cold as -49° at the peak of the mountain and that's not even including the chill you get when you're heading downhill. My face and toes were frozen solid. It was so cold that I would stop on the trails so I could regain some feeling in my face.

Because of the wind (there were wind gusts up to 40 MPH), the back bowls were closed Friday and parts of Saturday. Thankfully they opened before my last day on Monday.

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February 6, 2007

Farewell to Vail

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As I leave Vail this morning to return to a frigid East Coast, here are a couple of photos I took Thursday, my first day of skiing. No, these photos aren't black and white. There was just very little color in the photo to begin with. I found it amusing that there was more accumulation of snow on the trees than New York has gotten all winter long.

And when I return, I should be used to the cold weather. The temperatures didn't get warmer than 10° on Thursday (I believe it was 2° on the mountain). Friday was worse, but I'll share that story later.

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