September 9, 2009

Breakneck Ridge in Hudson Highlands State Park

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This past Saturday we took a short drive with Calvin and Maggie upstate to hike Breakneck Ridge. Let the name scare you, for Breakneck does indeed have its scary parts. In fact, one description of the trail said, "If you deviate much from the rock ledges that comprise most of the trail, you'll fall hundreds of feet down the mountain's south face. Take utmost care on Breakneck, as carelessness has occasionally resulted in deaths." Another description reads, "while the clearly marked trail is easy to navigate even for first-timers, Breakneck Ridge may not be recommended for height-fearing folk prone to vertigo." Wonderful!

The start of the hike, a scramble up very rocky terrain, is the most difficult and time consuming. I would show you multiple pictures of the amazing view, but I was too exhausted to take out my camera more than a couple of times. For a good idea of what the climb looks like, check out this Wikipedia image. The start of the hike is from the stone structure at the foot of the mountain (left side on the Hudson River) and you essentially work your way up next to/along the exposed rock.

Once you reach the top, the trail becomes slightly easier, but the key here is to choose your descent wisely. We went with what seemed like the longest trail down the mountain. It didn't help that we got lost (despite having a trail map), resulting in an extra 1/2 miles of walking. Nor did running out of water with about two hours left on the hike help either.

If we go again, we'll probably take the shorter route down.

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Ah, Breakneck Ridge. Love the Photos. I can see Bannerman's Castle off in the distance in one of the photos.

Posted by: leo at September 15, 2009 1:43 PM

we've done breakneck ridge multiple times ourselves. we have similar photos of ourselves in our sweaty glory.

our last time we brought friends, also took a wrong turn or two, walked an extra mile, created blisters, and ran out of water early. good fun. :D

Posted by: jeannette at October 26, 2009 12:14 AM

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