July 29, 2009

Disney World. Third Stop on the trip: Animal Kingdom

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Who needs a safari when you can go to Disney's Animal Kingdom! That's a giraffe right next to our safari-like vehicle.

The Tree of Life is the central "attraction" in the park. It has different animals carved (formed, really) into the fake tree.

Not pieces of leather, but bats.

Oooh. Tigers!

Dinosaur skeleton in the "DINOSAUR" ride. It was an awful, awful ride (and there are lots of those). Shannan couldn't stop laughing, but kids in front of us were terrified. It was also really, really loud.

Expedition Everest in the background. That was actually a good ride.

The next stop on our Disney adventure was Animal Kingdom. I actually believe this was the favorite stop for Shannan and her sister at a non-water themed Disney park. There is lots of stuff to do at Animal Kingdom — rides, zoo-like things, safari. And they have those huge turkey legs like every other Disney park (nobody bought one here though). Wikipedia says it's the newest of the four main parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios being the other three) and the largest single Disney theme park in the world.

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