July 2, 2007

The iPhone iNsanity on 5th Avenue

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Friday evening, I headed up to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue to catch the insane scene surrounding the iPhone launch. There were tons of people in line and a huge amount of media on hand to cover it. The girl in the 3rd photo - who was 3rd in line - said that she knew what it was like to be homeless now. How would someone who bought two iPhones know what it's like to be homeless? Because she didn't shower for the several days that she was waiting in line.

Shocking as it may seem, I didn't get an iPhone. For now, I refuse to switch carriers for it. Once I play with it a little more, I wouldn't be surprised if I did get one though.

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don't do it! the battery only lasts 300-400 recharges, and then you have to send it off and be phone-less for a few days while it gets a new 80 dollar battery

Posted by: dave at July 15, 2007 8:19 PM

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