April 12, 2007

Breakfast from the Excelsior Caffe

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With Johnny away from most Western foods while in Medan, Indonesia (the third largest city in that country), he was jonesing for bread that wasn't sweet. We passed a bagel place one night, but couldn't find it the next morning, so we settled on the Excelsior Caffe. With my lack of Japanese and the lack of English from the person taking my order, there was a lot of nodding and pointing on my part. Somehow, I ended up with two sandwiches - the smoked ham & cheese, mushroom and some other "panini" - it had egg, ham, and cheese and was warmed/cooked in the microwave (the egg was still slightly runny). It might have been what they called the croque monsieur.

While it wasn't what I envisioned as a traditional Japanese breakfast, there were a fair amount of people that came in and out of the store while we were there. Calvin told us that a lot of people eat like this in Japan.

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Oooh I remember Excelsior Caffe along Roppongi Dori.

Used to pop in there for a late night snack on week nights (coming back from work) or on weekends (pottering around the neighbourhood or on the way to work). Food was not too bad but the best part was people watching - being in the heart of the red light district, the customers were interesting and it was good to sit there watching the world go by.

Posted by: ll at April 12, 2007 9:22 AM

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