March 23, 2007

Straight to the Sushi Source in Tokyo

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A word of advice for those that are going to the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo - you're going to end up smelling like fish. It's a pretty crazy scene. While we didn't make it in time for the auction, there was still plenty of fish around. The size of the actual tuna fish is gigantic (as pictured here). I've got plenty more photos from the fish market as well as some photos of the sushi we ate. Best sushi I've ever had? Yes. Freshest sushi ever? No doubt.

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holy... that's a big ass tuna. that's awesome, man. what did it taste like?

Posted by: jeannette at March 22, 2007 11:57 PM

That's a lot of sushi.

Posted by: Joe at March 23, 2007 10:36 AM

Poor thing.

Posted by: caitlin at March 24, 2007 12:04 PM

Thumbs up on the re-design.

Posted by: Neil at March 25, 2007 8:20 AM

A few things:

1) I miss sushi. So much. You're driving me insane.

2). the new design? SO FREAKING HOT! You rock, man.

Posted by: mihow at March 25, 2007 3:40 PM

glad you guys like the site. it should be noted that i didn't do it though. lots and lots of hard work by shannan.

Posted by: tien [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 26, 2007 9:44 AM

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