February 28, 2007

Yemen Cuisine on Court Street

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Last night, I was going to hit up Lucali's in Carroll Gardens for some pizza. Little did I know that they're actually closed on Tuesday. That was my fun discovery when I got there, only to see chairs stacked on the tables. Matty suggested we try an Italian place called Sam's, which was only a short walk away. Closed. Possibly for good.

We eventually decided to go to Yemen Cuisine...which serves Yemenese food. I was somewhat skeptical, but Matty tried to comfort me by telling me it was on The Villiage Voice's Best of List and that it was similar to Indian food. Not necessarily that comforting. But we tried it, and it was really tasty. There was lots of lamb on the menu, but I steered clear of that (I don't eat lamb) and went for the chicken gelaba, which Matty recommended. What's chicken gelaba? From their menu: small pieces of chicken sauteed in tomato sauce. It came with rice and we ordered some aseed (that giant pizza/naan-like bread. The portions for the chicken gelaba are very generous and I waddled away quite satisfied.

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Oh my lordy, does that ever look awesome.

Posted by: mihow at February 28, 2007 1:50 PM

Welcome to my world! I had it again for lunch — still awesome.

Posted by: Matty at February 28, 2007 4:05 PM

Next time you're in that neighborhood and looking for some middle eastern food, I also recommend Waterfalls on Atlantic Ave and Zaytoons on Smith Street. And if you want pizza and Lucali's is closed (or too crowded), try Sal's (not Sam's) on Court Street, or even La Rosa on Smith for a decent thin-crust pie (not as good as Lucali's, though!)

Posted by: Janine at March 1, 2007 2:17 PM

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