September 26, 2006

The Pinnacles at Crater Lake

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If you ever visit Crater Lake, be sure not to miss The Pinnacles. It's not visible from Rim Drive and the road to the Pinnacles Overlook is easy to miss. It's a longish drive (7 or 8 miles) from the rim, but it's well worth it. It was easily the best part of Crater Lake National Park that we saw to that point (it should be noted that all we saw to that point was the Pumice Desert and a smoke covered lake. Only later that day would we actually see the blue water of the lake.

The Pinnacles were formed when the pumice from the eruption of Mount Mazama were gradually eroded by streams. The pumice dates to nearly 7,700 years ago when eruptions were near their peak. The distinctive cones, or fumeroles (vents for the escape of gas), of The Pinnnacles exist because hot gasses (like 750° hot) welded the interior of the fumeroles when they escaped. The end result, pumice + welding gasses + erosion, are the cones you see in the pictures above.

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