July 19, 2006

With Nike+, I Am a Running Machine!

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Immediately after hearing about Nike+, I knew that I would have to get it and try it out. The only problem is that I absolutely hate running. But, I also knew that if anything would get me to try and run, this would be it. After pre-ordering the shoes and kit you need, I finally got them yesterday. The biggest problem with getting them yesterday though was the insane heat and humidity. Nevertheless, I braved the weather and stepped outside after 9 p.m. when it was still 90°. While that might not have been the best idea, my goals were set pretty low. After all, I hate running and try to avoid distance running at all times.

So I ran one mile. Just one mile. While I wasn't dying or anything, I can't say that it was a pleasant experience. I think the heat and humidity played a big role in that as well as my obvious lack of fitness (though, that's improved a lot with kickball). My best mile pace was at the very end when I was on pace for a 8'45" mile. My worst was about 3/4 of a mile into the run when I had a pace of 9'42"/mile. Click on the image above for a very compact graph of my run.

I finished my mile in about 12'11" After further examination, it seems like I finished in 9'19" (with the nice voice telling me that I was half way done, had 400m left, 300m, 200m, and 100m left. If I only ended my workout before I stopped running, I might have had a more accurate idea of my time.

I also found that I need to refine my playlist for running. The same songs for walking around doesn't quite work for running.

Posted by tien mao in Sports, Tech at 7:36 AM



So wait, how exactly does it work again?

Posted by: corie at July 19, 2006 9:03 AM

put chip in shoe, attach transmitter to nano. say how long you want to run (distance or time) and choose what you want to listen to (playlist or your whole library). run. the voice will tell you when you've reached certain milestones or you can press a button for it to tell you how long you've been running, how far you've gone and what your pace is. when you're finished, you sync with your computer and to the nike+ website and it charts your runs, progress, goals, etc.

Posted by: tien [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 19, 2006 9:17 AM

very cool, you'll have to tell me if it's worth it - keeping in mind i'd have to buy the nano and the chip. oh and try it out in other shoes, let us know if it works as well!
ps - your time should be written as 8:45/mile, not 8'45"/mile or whatever - that's feet and inches. ha.

Posted by: christina at July 19, 2006 9:27 AM

you know, you can abbreviate time with ' and ", right? that's what they did in the program, so that's what i did here.

Posted by: tien [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 19, 2006 9:53 AM

wow, i had no idea. learn something new everyday...

Posted by: christina at July 19, 2006 10:50 AM

do you have to set it up with a stride so that it knows how far each step takes you?

Posted by: Dahlia at July 19, 2006 12:23 PM

it comes pre-calibrated, but you can re-calibrate. from what i've read, it's pretty accurate.

Posted by: tien [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 19, 2006 12:29 PM

Wow - I didn't realize you ran outside! Good for you. And it's okay that you only ran 1 mile - you're building up to it.

Posted by: Jen at July 19, 2006 5:14 PM

How much was it?

Posted by: jp at July 19, 2006 9:30 PM

wow, that's pretty good for 90 degrees out. i don't think i could run at all in that kind of weather.

Posted by: el at July 19, 2006 9:45 PM

i was covered in sweat after running and continued to sweat for like 30 minutes afterwards.

the sport kit is $29 and the shoes were $100. the website is free, but you also need a nano.

Posted by: tien [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 19, 2006 11:59 PM

awsome job tien! I see the challenge is on!

Posted by: neil at July 20, 2006 2:32 PM

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