June 13, 2006

Final Day of the 2006 Food Diary

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Ahh, the final day of my 2006 food diary. A week is a long ass time to keep one, I can't imagine keeping it for a year. Thankfully, I didn't have to take photos of everything I ate because there were a couple of days where it would have been insane. I endured a countless number of people wondering what I was doing. Why I was writing down everything I ingested. Was I on a diet? Nope. Why are you keeping track of it then? Just because.

But there are things you learn from keeping a food diary. I drink lots of water (and pee a lot). It's clear that I can also pack in the food. And while I don't think I'm that horrible an eater, the food diary provides evidence to the contrary. But I don't think this past week was a very typical eating week for me. Not enough pizza, too many bagels, too much alcohol, and a weekend full of gluttony.

Finally, while the diary should merely been something to track my food and beverage intake, it somewhat helped in keeping myself in check (believe it or not). Sunday night, I probably could have eaten more pizza, but I didn't because I could clearly see that I already had 9 slices (incidentally, these were pretty small slices and pies). There were also times where I didn't eat something just because I would have to write something down - not anything major just a snack that I knew I didn't really need.

So without further adieu, here is my final day of the 2006 food diary. You can see all the archives from this year and 2004 here.

Oh, and that image has nothing to do with the food diary. I just like it and dug it up from my archives.

2006 Food Diary, Day 7
9:15 a.m.: Start 30 oz water. Finished at 12:05.
9:22: sesame seed bagel with cream cheese
1:03 p.m.: Start of 20 oz water. Finished at 3:14. Lunch - chicken rice noodles, Coke.
3:38: Start of 16 oz water. Finished at 5:26.
4:13: Fuji apple
4:52: One pretzel that was kind of sweet - almost like a graham cracker pretzel. Nasty.
8:15: Home. Take out from Wasabi. 1 pint of water, edamame, sip of miso soup, 2 pieces of gyoza, soy sauce with wasabi, 5 pieces spicy tuna roll, 4 pieces of California roll, 1 piece sushi, 2 pieces sashimi.

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I will be taking the baton from Tien and beginning my food diary today. I aspire to have a day like Tien did on Sunday.

Posted by: matty at June 13, 2006 10:18 AM

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