May 24, 2006

Nike and Apple Combine to Unveil Nike+iPod

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Yesterday Nike and Apple unveiled a new product which they're calling Nike+iPod. It allows you track your running via a chip in your shoe as well as help use your iPod Nano to track your progress with a push of a button. The demo had a voice come on and say something to the effect of "you've run 6.2 miles in the last 49 minutes." Pretty neat device. Unfortunately, it only works with the Nano because apparently that's what people use when they run. Not those big clunky regular iPods. One of the best features of this new Nike+ project is the website that goes along with it. Maybe I'll have to start running.

Also, they came up with a nice little sneaker/iPod image for the product.

Posted by tien mao in Sports at 7:53 AM



Um. Yeah. It's called an inexpensive tachometer that you can wear that does the same thing. Or, even cheaper, As much as I love gadgets, this is pretty mofo lame. It is the perfect thing for people who prefer to fiddle with expensive toys than run seriously.

Good god. Maybe I should start complaining about the lack of bike racks at Fairway, too. Snark snark.

This would make a good present for Skutchie.

Posted by: corie at May 24, 2006 9:29 AM

this is kind of cool, though at first i thought you could transport the iPod IN the shoe, so you didn't need to carry it or wear a lanyard, etc.

on the other hand, i kind of wish these people were working on a cure for cancer...

Posted by: janelle at May 24, 2006 2:23 PM

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