January 16, 2006

President Palmer, Dead - Good Thing He Has Allstate

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palmerallstate.jpgPrior to last night, I had never watched 24 despite so many of my friends going on about it and how it's "the best show on tv." I kept responding "I already watch too much TV." That and all my Netflix watching, blog maintaining, cat pornography photos, gives me little time for a new show. It seems to me that I've gotten into season 5 of the show after just "two hours." It's just a shame that they got rid of Dennis Haysbert.

Good thing he has a job as the Allstate spokesman. If that doesn't work out, maybe he can go back to being a bad ass bank thief posing as a line cook or as a bad ass Cuban slugger with his friend Joboo.

Posted by tien mao in TV at 8:09 AM



I always thought Allstate was taking a big chance by having the dirty cop from Random Hearts as their spokesman.

Posted by: Marie at January 17, 2006 2:53 AM

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