December 22, 2005

Obligatory NYC Transit Strike Post

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With the transit strike of 2005 somewhat over, I figure it's about time to do a post about it. After all, what kind of New Yorker with a blog would I be if I didn't. The thing is, while the strike certainly affected me, it wasn't quite as bad for me as it was for a lot of the stories that you're hearing out there. I didn't have to walk several hours to get to work, I didn't have to share a cab, I didn't even get to miss any work. If anything, I actually worked longer hours this week because of the strike. All I had to do was ride my bike less than 20 minutes to work in the sub-freezing temps. So the strike for me saved me a few dollars in transportation costs and made me exercise a little.

I was even riding/driving a car a couple of times during the strike. I can say that traffic was a mess though. The last three photos here came while actually driving into and out of Manhattan. That was a poor, poor plan, but I wasn't the one driving, so I had to entertain myself in some way. And for those outside of New York who drive to work and don't depend on mass transit, the strike was so bad that some Starbucks stores didn't even open.

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