October 27, 2005

Wanted in Greenpoint: Window Treatments

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There's nothing quite like moving into your brand new apartment with your plasma TV but using newspapers for blinds.

Posted by tien mao in NYC, Photos at 8:10 AM



for a second, just seeing the text in my RSS feed, I thought you were complaining about your apartment, and your plasma. I was all set to play violins for you in mockery. I apologize.

Posted by: neil at October 27, 2005 10:28 AM

come to think of it, i should do this too as one of my blinds fell down and i have lots of newspaper.

Posted by: tien [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 27, 2005 12:55 PM

Love it - it's just like Rear Window!

Posted by: Jen at October 27, 2005 10:50 PM

i did that too. i mean, it takes Janovic a whole month to get your blinds ready.

Posted by: twooh at October 28, 2005 2:16 PM

Ah, to be house- and TV poor.

Tien, you could BUILD an entire new apartment out of your hoard of unread Times issues.

Posted by: Adam [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 28, 2005 9:36 PM

haha...perhaps they should have read the paper
nice blog! keep it up!!!

Posted by: justiNYC at October 28, 2005 10:38 PM

it's a hideous building so serves them right.

Posted by: clr at October 28, 2005 11:13 PM

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