October 20, 2005

New York's Best Cupcakes

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OMG OMG!!! I just had the best cupcakes in New York ever!! And you know what? You don't have to wait in line and they are available almost everywhere!! From your local grocery store to your local bodega. These cupcakes come neatly packaged in a container of two, have a creme filling, and you don't even have to peel a silly wrapper before eating! Even better, they last forever! SOOOO GOOOD.

I like cupcakes and all, but it's not a fucking godsend. It's a freaking desert, people! Lets move on. Stupid cupcake craze. I'm not even sure the cupcake is the best cup or cake. I would rather have a cup of water or a cheesecake.

Posted by tien mao in Food/Drink at 8:08 AM



there is a cupcake craze?

Posted by: dan at October 20, 2005 9:09 AM

and that cupcake can last a nuclear holocaust, joy!

Posted by: neil at October 20, 2005 9:40 AM

I think we need to dig deeper here...from whence comes this bitterness, Tien? Early childhood trauma? Icing envy?

Posted by: Margaret at October 20, 2005 10:11 AM

This brings up a good question: When people rate cupcakes, maybe they need a Hostess one to compare it to. But, let's face it, at least the cupcakes at Buttercup/Magnolia/Cupcake Cafe/Billy's/Sugar Sweet/blah blah blah don't have all the transfats that these day.

Posted by: Jen at October 20, 2005 5:53 PM

Yo that was like in one of them nudie magazines. BTW, your cat has cute ears.

Posted by: Heather at October 21, 2005 9:15 PM

wow talk about a wild mood swing! first paragraph you're in ecstasies about the cupcake, next you're bitterly dissing the 'craze'!

Posted by: notchy at October 23, 2005 12:26 AM

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