October 18, 2005

Michigan vs Penn State at Michigan Stadium

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This past weekend, I made my annual trip to Michigan for a football game at my alma mater. The football season started with such promise, but it's been largely disappointing. Saturday's match-up was between a top-10 ranked Penn State team and an unranked, .500, 3-loss Michigan team. With 111,248 other people in attendance (including a few thousand Penn State fans), I witnessed my best game at Michigan Stadium ever. Our tickets in the South end zone were pretty good as far as endzone tickets go, but much of the first half action was at the far end of the field. Lucky for us, and unfortunately for Penn State, the deciding play took place in front of us.

The first half was mostly uneventful. A couple of missed field goals by Penn State, one by Michigan and a field goal in the 1st that gave Michigan a 3-0 lead that lasted into the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter, things got exciting as the two teams combined to score 39 points. Towards the beginning of the 4th quarter, Penn State scored 14 points in 17 seconds. The first was on a Michael Robinson rushing TD (he was virtually unstoppable) and the second on a fumble return for touchdown. At this point, the Michigan crowd was pretty stunned. And if that wasn't bad enough, Penn State picked up 2 points on a botched PAT. At this point, the visiting crowd was going crazy.

Luckily, Michigan answered with a touchdown of its own as Chad Henne threw a 33-yard touchdown pass to Mario Manningham. Michigan added another field goal to go up by 3 with 3:45 remaining in the game. Way too much time for Penn State. Especially considering Michigan's obscenely soft prevent defense. Robinson scored another touchdown that put them up 4 with 53 seconds remaining in the game.

At this point, there were some Michigan fans leaving, but with 2 timeouts, it the game was hardly over. Those that stayed witnessed one hell of an ending. After a huge kickoff return by Steve Breaston, Michigan drove 53 yards and used all 53 seconds on the clock to get to pay dirt. The game was won on a last second (literally) pass from Henne to Manningham that left Penn State fans and players devastated (their undefeated season gone) and Michigan fans and players going crazy. Final score, Michigan 27, Penn State 25.

The victory was Michigan's 7th in a row against the Nittany Lions and led to chants of, "We own Penn State!" (Penn State fans chant "We are Penn State!" all the time, which is clearly necessary because their uniforms and helmets don't say anything.)

- Michigan vs Penn State set on flickr, which has a lot more photos from the game

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AWSOME game! That 3-0 shootout really picked up in the second half. Hail to the victors!

Posted by: John at October 18, 2005 10:20 AM

I'm impressed with your post because you were not over the top hateful of my beloved PSU. The fact remains, Michigan defense played tight all game and the offense was clutch at the end.

Much respect to Michigan who didn't give up and kicked our ass at the end!

We still are...

oh, and we Lions are quite pleased this win made your season. :) We'll be content going to a nice bowl.

Posted by: Charles at October 18, 2005 11:32 AM

well, i don't hate psu. it's not a huge rivalry in my book. and it didn't make my season, but it was one of the best games i've ever been to.

and i don't think psu goes to a bcs bowl.

Posted by: tien [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 18, 2005 11:35 AM

Nice work, and I love the line "Penn State fans chant "We are Penn State!" all the time, which is clearly necessary because their uniforms and helmets don't say anything."

Posted by: ny1995 at October 20, 2005 8:37 PM

care to explain how 2 seconds got magically added on to the scoreboard?

just wondering..

Posted by: tyler at July 29, 2006 1:03 AM

Whine whine...we won. Gove credit where due. PSU is good. UM is better.

Posted by: U of M Fan at October 30, 2006 2:39 AM

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