September 27, 2005

Jennifer and Rutledge's Wedding

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Over the weekend I went down to Virginia for my last wedding of the year! Thank the lord!! Jennifer and Rutledge had a "designer's wedding" - with lots of meticulous details (the program alone looks insanely complex). There was a possibility of some rain, but it passed and then held off for the actual wedding.

But really, as great as weddings are, I'm happy I have no more to attend this year. It's a drain on the wallet and I've travelled pretty far for most of them. I'm happy for all my friends that wed this year, but next year has to be the year of no weddings.

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That sure is fancy.

And Jay and I only require that you eat your share of the food at the reception. To paraphrase Kramer, just pretend that Sizzler was having a party with a lady in a wedding gown.

Posted by: Jen at September 28, 2005 4:49 PM

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