August 10, 2005

Deep Sea Fishing in Cancun

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Early Friday morning (as in 6 in the morning early), half of us headed out for some deep sea fishing. I actually got about 4 hours of sleep, so I wasn't too bad on the boat. Most of the other people though, were up all night and somewhat drunk when we got on Stuff It, our boat. Just as we left the harbor, we were experiencing some engine troubles. Thankfully, we turned around because I was envisioning the whole Jaws scenario - we're out on the water, engine starts smoking, shark comes over back of boat - you get the idea.

The water was not calm. Even though I took Dramamine, I was a tad queasy. I'm just glad that I wasn't drunk, nauseous, or napping when we were heading out to deeper waters. I think I saw a fare share of green-looking Asians on the boat that morning.

Our captain, Orlando, said that barracudas were the most common fish that people caught while fishing. Sure enough, we caught four barracudas as well as several fish for bait, including tuna. Too bad we couldn't keep the tuna.

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