May 31, 2005

Kristin and Dan's Wedding

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Over the weekend, I headed over to Philadelphia for Kristin and Dan's wedding. As if being in a wedding last week wasn't responsibility enough, I was the best man for Dan's wedding. I must admit that being the best man was a semi-horrifying experience. Standing up in front of about 160 people, maybe 15 of which I knew, was quite nerve-wracking. But I suppose these are the things you do for friendship. During the ceremony, Kristin even corrected the Rabbi during the Kidddushin, which must have been a first. The only problem with the wedding was Dan and his weight. It was quite a task lifting him up in his chair. I am proud that he never did hit the floor though. Whew.

No matter how the speech was (you can read it in the extended entry), the wedding was beautiful. Congrats to Kristin and Dan who are now going to spend quite a long time in Hawaii.

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This is more or less how the speech went or was supposed to go:

First, I'd like to thank Kristin and Dan, the Stanellas and the Kobells for inviting me here and Dan for actually allowing me to get up and make a speech. I've known Dan for almost 9 years now, which is a crazy thought in and of itself. In fact, Dan was the first person I met at Michigan. My initial thought, "Man, that's one tall, pale, pale guy." Through college, we essentially lived together the whole time we were there. A year in West Quad as neighbors, a year on South Forrest with an ant infestation, a hellish year on Mary St. in an 8 person, one squirrel house, and about half a year on South Division with the band waking us up every morning. It was a great time in Ann Arbor, but I won't bore everyone with those "Crazy Dan" stories because where's the fun in that? But my duties as best man are done at midnight, so see me then!

I will say that Dan and I quickly became good friends after we met but I know why our friendship has remained so strong, beyond our similar ambivalent, anything goes,'s our devotion to eating mass quantities of food. Often times, that would manifest itself in late night food. The food ranged from Nikko's - which he probably still remembers the phone number of - to Bell's pick-up special, to the inexplicable late night trips to the grocery store. So maybe it wasn't the best thing that we became friends. Despite the damage that our friendship may have done to our waistlines, I can honestly say that it's been fun the whole time.

I remember Dan saying several times during college that he would never marry; that he would remain a bachelor his whole life. What I'm sure he meant though was that he was just waiting for the right woman to marry. And in Kristin he's found that. That may sound very "un-Dan like", but I know and I'm sure Kristin knows that Dan is in fact a big softee. Sorry for outing you Dan. Despite the miscommunication over me being the best man here tonight (I only found out when I was told to check out the website), it's my honor to help Dan out on this special day. A day that, despite this speech, has turned out to be a beautiful one. I can only imagine the problems for the couple every fall for the rest of their lives. Penn State vs. Michigan, the Ravens vs. the Steelers.

Congratulations to Kristin and Dan.

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