April 25, 2005

Fun City Mental and Physical Health Survey

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I was just called by the City of New York to participate in a survey about my mental and physical health. I normally don't pick up calls when I don't recognize the phone number, but it did say "City of New York" on my caller ID, so it could have been important.

They asked me all sorts of probing questions, which I didn't have to answer, but I thought it might be beneficial for the study if I did, so I answered away. Somehow, I'm supposed to represent my zip code...I wonder how many New York born Chinese people live in Greenpoint. They probably don't need any more of us for 11222 now.

While there were many, many questions, the best question they asked was about sex in the past 12 months. They asked the same thing about men and women, "In the past 12 months, have you had sex with a woman/man, where sex is defined as oral, vaginal, anal, but not masturbation." When I quipped that the questions were quite detailed, I got a pause and I'm guessing a smile from my questioner, but she read on.

Other questions included ones about where I was during 9/11 (below Canal St or below Chambers St.), if I worked on 9/11 recovery, if I was severely depressed at all, etc, etc. I'm curious as to what the results of the study will be.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 8:12 PM



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