April 22, 2005

The Shanghai Subway

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As much as I love the NYC Subway system, it often pales in comparison to others around the world. While it's a huge system and you can get to a lot of places in New York City on one fare, it's also dirty and not really all that technologically advanced. Then again, it's also 100 years old, so there is a lot of stuff to upgrade.

The system in Shanghai is painfully small. It has four lines, numbered 1, 2, 3, and 5 (I'm guessing there's no 4 because it's unlucky) and the system as a whole is only 10 years old. Such a baby compared to NYC. One thing that's great about the system in Shanghai is there are TVs that tell you how long until the next train, and during peak times, the train after that. In the subway cars, they also have little TVs, which seemed to show news programming and possibly some commercials. It was in Chinese, how was I supposed to know! Another feature, well a debatable feature, is the ability to use cellular phones in the system. I didn't see too many people use them, but there were a few.

Fares on the system vary depending on how far you go, like a lot of other systems outside of NYC. The price ranges from 1 RMB to 4 RMB, or about 12.5¢ to 50¢.

Well lit, clean, and seemingly reliable. The three points to walk away with from Shanghai's subway system. If you must, you can add small too.

- Urban Rail's page on the Shanghai Subway
- NY Times: "Study Cites the Good, the Bad and the Just-Plain Dirty in the Subway"
- Gothamist: "1/9 Train, You Ignorant Shmut!"

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