April 13, 2005

Nudge Me When Someone Says, "I did it."

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Performance enhancing drugs in baseball are bad. But when the baseball players are testing positive for steroids and give a crummy reason, it's kind of expected. What I want is a player to test positive and say, "That's right mother fuckers, I've been cheating all this time and you've loved my performance. Now give me some more money!" Of course, that will never happen.

Players will just go on saying, "Oh, I was taking some meds." "I bought some nutritional supplements." "I thought it was flaxseed oil." Uh huh, really, really expensive flaxseed oil. Maybe these puny players like Alex Sanchez don't hit for power, but what's to say they don't want to.

To all those people that test positive for anything - alcohol, drugs, etc - I say you just tell the testing authorities that the substances ended up in your system through a simple mistake. "Sorry occifer, I'm drunk because I thought I was drinking water that I bought over the counter." "Boss, I'm sorry, I thought I was smoking oregano. And it's medicinal at that!"

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