March 21, 2005

Good Pizza in Norfolk: Cogan's Pizza

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This Sunday, I was brought to Cogan's Pizza in Norfolk, while visiting Shannan and Mortimer for the weekend. I didn't know what to expect from the pizza, but it was surprisingly delicious. The crust was light, yet doughy, and somewhat thicker than a "typical New York pie" would be. We opted for a pepperoni and mushroom pizza with mozzarella cheese and spicy tomato sauce. When ordering a pie, you're given several options for cheese and sauce. The spicy sauce was excellent. If you like hotness, it's great. It's like having pre-added red pepper flakes but better. One thing I noticed about the crust was a pattern on the bottom that looked somewhat like a cookie sheet. I can only assume this was to aid in the cooking of the pizza.

They also have several beers on tap at Cogan's. (One site I've read says something like 30 beers.) Aside from your typical beers, they also have Iron City, which I've been told several times is from Pittsburgh, and Brooklyn Brown Ale, which was surprising since I was in Virginia. The best beer they seemed to have was Cogan's Gorilla Piss. When we inquired as to what it was like, our waitress told us that it's just Pabst Blue Ribbon. Nice.

The food was reasonably priced, with the pizza running about $10 for a plain pie and beers running from $2.50 to about $5. How can you not like a place like that? Cheap, good pizza, and gorilla piss. Perfect.

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Eating in Ghent is great. They have every kind of food you want, every kind of beer, and every kind of hang out. I'm actually surprised, but I'm going to miss this place after I move.

There is another pizza place on Colley Ave up around 40th street called Fellini's. It may not be the type of pizza you are used to, but I've found it enjoyable. They're more of a gourmet pizza place, with strange pizzas like Thai Chicken pizza or different cheese like goat cheese.

And despite what the link says, there is some romantic atmosphere as they have nice cozy booths and a dark ambience. Definitely someplace you can take a date.

Posted by: Joe at March 21, 2005 8:08 AM

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