December 20, 2004

The Great Pizza Mishap

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Yesterday was my last weekend of Sunday Ticket since I'm going to Virginia on Sunday. I'll miss it...sniff, sniff. Until next year, my friend.

I also decided to make some pizza, which didn't turn out too well at first. There was a range of factors besides ineptitude by myself (there was plenty of that too). I think the dough was too cold and then warmed up and actually started perspiring, there wasn't enough flour, and the pie was too big for the peel. Those factors led to the pizza sticking to the pizza stone as I tried to slide it off. It didn't slide off, I tried to add more flour and then I finally slid it off. Parts of the dough were all pierced, leaking sauce all over the pace and creating a big mess later. As added pressure, Adam was over as well.

Johnny was nice enough to go out and buy more dough so I could get it right. The results of that are in the 2nd picture.

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