November 20, 2004

The "New" MoMA

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to check out the newly renovated Museum of Modern Art, which had a member's preview before the official re-opening today. I went to the preview first thing Friday morning before going to work. There was a line in front of the entrance that seemed to included mostly retired people. Almost making up for the early opening was the free breakfast food and drinks.

I think the space is beautiful. So open, so clean, so simple. After two and a half year of renovations, there is now 630,000 square feet of space, almost double the pre-renovation space. It was almost an overwhelming collection of art. It's a shame that I had to breeze through the collection, especially since they say this is the "most extensive display of the collection ever—showcasing work from each of the Museum's collection departments", but I plan on going back another time when I can view all the items at a more leisurly pace. Too bad the sculpture garden was still being worked on when I left.

My previous trips to MoMA QNS and P.S. 1.

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