November 1, 2004

Trick or Treat Chumps

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This Sunday, it seems like a lot of the merchants on Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint were in the Halloween spirit. They had candy and were distributing it to the kids that were going door to door. A nice gesture if you ask me.

There were, however, some children who were taking advantage of the kindness and making a mockery of everything good about Halloween. One boy, probably as old as 14 wore wore nothing but a ski mask and an all black outfit as a costume. He came into the pizza place I was in and asked for candy like it was his right. After getting a couple pieces of candy, he shook his bag demanding more. A few more pieces to his collection and he still asked for more. Now, wearing all black and a ski mask on a day where temperatures neared 70° is admirable, but it hardly counts as a costume.

If that wasn't bad enough, two girls (me thinks they were sisters) came into the same pizzeria sans costumes! All they had were bags for trick or treating (the first kid had a black grocery bag). I'm not sure if the guy behind the counter was ignoring them, was busy, or didn't even think they were trick or treating because of the missing costumes, but the two girls left without candy. They didn't even say "trick or treat." Perhaps they were simply too embarrassed to ask for candy without actual costumes. It should be noted that they had little candy in their bags.

Yeah, Halloween is all about the candy (at least it was to me), but these chumps shouldn't make a mockery of it and expect candy when they put all of 1 minute into their costume or don't come up with a costume at all. The least they could have done is come up with the fun political costumes.

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While this is disturbing, it's not surprising. People will do anything for candy. In fact, on Sunday night, I was tempted to go into a store and take some candy, in my guise as "tired, extremely sick (complete with distressing hacking cough) New Yorker."

Posted by: Jen at November 2, 2004 12:02 AM

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