October 11, 2004

New York City Marble Cemetery

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Saturday afternoon, I went for the cemetery trifecta. A trip to the New York City Marble Cemetery, the New York Marble Cemetery and Greenwood Cemetery. Yes, it was extremely morbid to hit up all three in one day, but with the closure of Terminal Five at JFK, there really weren't too many things that fit in my schedule. All three of the cemeteries were part of openhousenewyork, a weekend with several...open houses. One hundred places were open to the public, free of charge, as part of OHNY's second year.

The New York City Marble Cemetery was New York's second non-sectarian cemetery and started in 1831. The first one, the New York Marble Cemetery, started in 1830. James Monroe was buried at the Marble Cemetery before his body was moved to Virginia. Other well known people there are James Lenox (a founder of the NY Public Library), James Henry Roosevelt (as in the hospital), and Moses Taylor (a financier). But the most important is the Kip family, as in Kip's Bay. What would the movie theatre be named without Kip's Bay? Loews Midtown East?

More information:
- OHNY Last Year: Day 1, Day 2

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