September 6, 2004

Jeannette and Yvan Finally Get Married

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On Saturday, Jeannette and Yvan finally had their wedding ceremony. I say finally because they actually got married back in March. Their ceremony and reception were at the Hyatt Jersey City, which was absolutely beautiful. An outdoor wedding with breathtaking views of Manhattan and a reception with the same view.

The ceremony was followed by some appetizers before the reception. During the reception, there were some more traditional activities with several wardrobe changes. From the looks of the Korean/Chinese ceremonies, the happy couple is supposed to have about 23 children - all boys.

As an appetizer, they served blasted tiger shrimp with a roasted corn and pepper cous-cous. They followed that up with a chilled wildberry soup, which was kind of like a fruit smoothie. The entrée was a filet of beef, chilean seabass, and some mashed potatoes.

All it all, it was pretty much a perfect evening. Congratulations for a second time.

- Rachelle on "Jeannette & Yvan's Wedding"

Posted by tien mao in Friends/Family at 9:51 PM



You can see my building in every single outside shot of the wedding in battery park or wherever u were

Posted by: sean at September 7, 2004 4:29 AM

Congrats to the two of you (assuming you're reading this)!!!

Posted by: Laren at September 7, 2004 11:27 AM

Thanks for the pics Tien! These are the first I've seen. I'm waiting to see what Rachelle posts as well.

Congrats Jeannette and Yvan! (again) :-) Jeannette looks beautiful!

Posted by: Nan at September 7, 2004 4:07 PM

it really was a beautiful wedding. our pictures (well, my pictures) don't convey how great it was.

Posted by: tien at September 8, 2004 1:22 AM

aw - thanks, nan and tien and laren! it was a fun night, and i'm glad tien and shannan had a good time!

thanks for the great photos, tien!!

sean - the wedding was on a pier in jersey city.

Posted by: jeannette at September 8, 2004 9:23 AM

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