July 26, 2004

Taking the Hangover to Coney Island

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Not necessarily the best idea after having a housewarming party, but Sunday, I went to Coney Island. How could I resist. The G train nearly thwarted my attempts, but I still got there, albeit an hour late. Nothing like a ride on The Cyclone to cure that hangover and then some a hot dog, fries and coke at Nathan's.

This is my third time out to Coney Island this year. Last time, I went to the Phish concert and the first time, I rode the cyclone and ate pizza and dogs.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 7:35 AM



that's a rather disturbing photo of jake. that IS jake, right? or has the thompson themed t-shirt caught on globally?

Posted by: corie at July 26, 2004 8:17 AM

yep, that is jake. he's quite the vocal roller coaster rider.

Posted by: tien at July 26, 2004 8:37 AM

Coney on a hangover. Oy. I went home worse for the wear. Either because of or in spite of the delicious hotdog.

Posted by: Adam at July 26, 2004 10:40 AM

That is such a great picture of Jake. It totally captures his 'scream like a little girl' essence.

Posted by: Jen at July 26, 2004 11:29 AM

haha, funny picture... I still have to make it out to Coney Island!

Posted by: Chris at July 26, 2004 12:02 PM

Reminds me of an afternoon I spent with Ms. Leb:


Posted by: Mark Shewmaker at July 30, 2004 9:55 PM

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