July 25, 2004

Welcome to My Home

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Last night, I had some people over to warm the apartment. Friends were brave enough to come all the way to Greenpoint just to see the place and to drink. I had a good time and I hope everyone that came did too. Only now am I getting to the mess that was left behind. I didn't get many pictures from the night, but I know there are some that might be floating around out there - including one with me getting my hair braided. Yikes.

Thanks to everyone who came, thanks for the gifts, thanks for the booze, thanks for coming out to Greenpoint. No thanks for the mess that I am now cleaning. Sigh...I hate cleaning as it is, and now I have to clean. That's what I get for having a party.

More information:
- Jake on "At Tien Mao's" (awesome photos of the evening)
- Joe on "Tien's Housewarming Party" (evidence of braiding)

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i am so sorry! heh. not really.

Posted by: janelle at July 25, 2004 6:43 PM

Thanks for opening up your home to a bunch of weekend drunks!

Posted by: Jen at July 25, 2004 6:50 PM

Tien: I look like an idiot! Normally I'd wish you lots of site traffic, but not while that photo's up.

Posted by: Adam at July 25, 2004 8:09 PM

nah, i think you look like you're rapping.

Posted by: tien at July 25, 2004 8:10 PM

Yes, thanks for having us over. Is that MC Slice in the 2nd picture?

Posted by: joe s at July 25, 2004 8:56 PM

Yeah. It kinda does look like rapping. Slice Kube.

Posted by: Adam at July 25, 2004 10:28 PM

Dude! The Slice guy was there and I didn't get to meet him?

Thanks for the [brief] blast. Love the apt.

Posted by: Mike at July 26, 2004 2:04 AM

Dude. The Slice guy is not all he's cracked up to be. Had you met him, he would have bored you to tears with pizza talk.

Posted by: Adam at July 26, 2004 4:42 PM

yeah mike, he was rapping away. left and right. as evident in the picture.

Posted by: tien at July 26, 2004 5:05 PM

Tien, the place looks fantastic. I envy you, homeowner.

Posted by: Steve at July 29, 2004 10:36 AM

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