July 21, 2004

The G Train - Learning to Love It

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When my cousin lived a certain part of Brooklyn that was only served by the G Train, I would always joke that it was the G was for ghetto. Hey, it's the only non-shuttle like that never enters Manhattan. As I moved to Greenpoint, there was naturally some consternation about living off the G Train. While I've been living here though, I've learned to accept the train and even enjoy it.

Sure, the stations are dirty and it's never on a reliable schedule, but what trains are? I'm lucky that I don't have to take the train late at night to return home, but can just walk from the Bedford stop on the L. But one thing the G does provide is excercise. What other train is so short that it only takes up half the station? The G Train, which was apparently shortened during budget cuts, is only six cars long. Because of that, if you hear the train coming into the station, you have to sprint from wherever you are to the front or back of the train. If not, you won't catch it. Thankfully, the train operators are pretty cooperative for those that are running. Who needs exercise when they have the G train?

You know what's funny? Despite what the mural depicts, the G Train never actually goes above ground in Greenpoint. Oh well, in art, there isn't always accuracy.

Also, this just in, the Straphanger's released their subway report card and the G Train is ranked high! Well, at least in some categories. The service is "regular" but not frequent, clean but breakdown a lot, they also don't have enough data on the G to rate the crowds. I, however, can tell you that you can always get a seat on weekends and sometimes during rush hour. And I'm convinced the in car announcements are good because of all the service changes they have on the line.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 7:12 AM



But is that a mural of Greenpoint? Or 4th Ave or Smith/9?

I actually like the G, even though it rarely comes when I need it. Back when I had to be in LIC frequently, it used to be fun to take the G to Court Square.

Posted by: corie at July 21, 2004 8:57 AM

i would say it's of smith/9th, but then it says greenpoint on it. if it's of a station in the area, it should be underground and decrepit. then again, who would want to paint that?

Posted by: tien at July 21, 2004 9:00 AM

I think the G train is only 4 cars long these days. it occurs to me i'm so used to prewalking that i wouldn't even notice if they added more cars to the end, i always get on and off at the same car.

Posted by: ChrisG at July 21, 2004 9:30 AM

i think it's 5 of 6 cars long. i actually found one bit of info on nycsubway.org that said it was 6, which i think is what i counted at one point.

sometimes, they only have one mta employee per train too.

Posted by: tien at July 21, 2004 9:49 AM

It's 4 cars long, except on the weekends when it takes over for the F during construction, when it's a full 8.

Posted by: Mike at July 23, 2004 1:44 PM

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