July 3, 2004

Reunion Dinner

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Last night, "the families" had a reunion dinner, something we try to do once a year. Eric, Mark, and I have been friends since early, early childhood (like infant early), so every time Eric comes home from California, we try to get together for dinner. The dinner took place at Fu-Lai in Chinatown and was fabulous. At least twelve courses, nine bottles of wine with seven different varieties, all for twelve people. There was some serious eating going on.

Such a great way to get a long weekend going.

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i just wrote you about the ice thing.......but anyway...i grew up in cherry hill nj, i miss the east coast... i live now in orange county cali, but cool, and it is but a bit different, but not the same. i miss china town in phily,, and of course the east coast food.........
i have met some really cool people who make fun of my accent, but would love to visit the east coast. my parents still live there, and i get to return to my roots every so often....write me. i would like to hear about the daily living of the east coast.

Posted by: Lynne at January 17, 2005 8:49 AM

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