May 6, 2004

"Hi, I'm the Candyman..."

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This was spotted on Chambers Street in New York. I'm not sure if he is supposed to lure people into the store, or creep the little kids out.

Please, feel free to come up with your own caption.

Posted by tien mao in Photos at 10:50 AM



What did they do? Took an old ET doll, added some old carpet as hair, put on pair of borked mickey mouse gloves and finished it off with a midget-nurse-dress... ;)

Posted by: jens at May 6, 2004 12:51 PM

i saw this the other day and it totally creeped me out.

Posted by: corie at May 6, 2004 1:47 PM

jens, if they are doing all that, there is no doubt this thing is creepy.

and i don't think the chocolate leg helps the creep factor any.

Posted by: tien at May 6, 2004 4:03 PM

"made from freshly-ground rum. red rum. "

Posted by: halo | veritech pilot at May 6, 2004 5:57 PM

Am I right in thinking his arm moves and he stirs the chocolate?

The chocolate crucifix is a nice touch. I can see the sales pitch: "Bite the head off Jesus and end his suffering on the cross."

Posted by: joe s at May 6, 2004 8:05 PM

"made chocolate cats out of cats, white chocalate birds from NYC pigeons, and now time for curious child caramel delight!"

Posted by: tevren at May 6, 2004 9:15 PM

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