April 18, 2004

Cheesecake Challenge

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Yesterday was the Cheesecake Challenge at Corie's apartment. People came from the far reaches of the city to try various cakes and decide where is the best cheesecake from. (Did I build the drama up enough?) Cheesecakes included homemade cheesecakes, two cheesecakes from the article that started it all, and several from other bakeries around the city.

Several people with blogs attended, including Chris, Dahlia, Doug, Joe, José, Linus, Sam, and of course Corie. With all these people, non-bloggers, and guests attending, there were several people to have what seemed like an endless amount of cheesecake.

The winner was from Cakeman, with second going to a homemade Ginger Lemon Cheesecake by Michael, and third going to Delices DE Paris, aka Paris Bakery. Surprisingly, Eileen's (my favorite) and Monteleone's, two of the cakes that made The Times, didn't come close to winning. Perhaps the strawberries and glaze put off the purists who don't like the topping on Eileen's and the consistency of her cake, which turns into mush when the cake becomes warm, which it was. I still think that Eileen's is my favorite cake. I need to take this case to the Supreme Court or something - or is there some sort of food court that this can be debated in.

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Tien, you look very special in that last picture.

Posted by: corie at April 18, 2004 6:52 PM

wait, by special, do you mean special or "special"?

Posted by: tien at April 18, 2004 9:07 PM

I think you should enlarge and frame the last photo and hang it in a prominent place in your new apartment. It is indeed special.

Posted by: josé at April 18, 2004 10:08 PM

Special olympics special is how I would describe it.

I think you need to send me all the cheesecake leftovers.

Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't have made that special olympics comment before requesting cheesecake.

Posted by: FlatGreg at April 19, 2004 2:00 AM

hmm, josé, that's an interesting idea. i'll look into that. maybe i can put it on the door?

greg, there are plenty of leftovers. i have some sitting in the fridge. i should either send those to you or eat them ASAP, lest they go bad.

Posted by: tien at April 19, 2004 9:23 AM

get to fedex quick! the only thing sadder than throwing out expired cheesecake is throwing out expired condoms.

Posted by: Jimmy Legs at April 19, 2004 10:41 AM

And I thought I was crass. JL, you take the cake. Ha!

Posted by: josé at April 19, 2004 11:04 AM

hey. i'm just saying, is all. i'm here to give you context.

Posted by: Jimmy Legs at April 19, 2004 11:40 AM

i wouldn't be suprised if i ate the expired cheesecake anyway and then found out it was expired the next day.

and better to have bought condoms and not used than to have not because you didn't even think you would ever need them.

Posted by: tien at April 19, 2004 11:43 AM

Looks like fun, now how about a cupcake challenge next, I might have to fly up to NYC for that one....mmmmmm...frosting...

Posted by: CJ at April 19, 2004 12:33 PM

hmm, cupcake challenge...corie? wanna host another challenge?

Posted by: tien at April 19, 2004 2:15 PM

oy...maybe in a few months. i need to digest first.

Posted by: corie at April 19, 2004 2:25 PM

a few months? i guess the "cupcake challenge" can be at my apartment then.

Posted by: tien at April 19, 2004 3:32 PM

The New York Times did an article on the popularity of cupcakes. The article is worth reading just for the image gallery of cupcakes (warning not safe for work if you are hungry and don't have change for the nearest vending machine.)

NYT article

Gothamist article

NY Daily News taste test

(ok, now I have made my addiction to sugar obvious, with my knowledge of cupcake news)

Posted by: CJ at April 19, 2004 4:13 PM

yeah cj, i've seen all the cupcake coverage recently. it's cupcake insanity!

Posted by: tien at April 19, 2004 4:20 PM

Mmmm, cupcakes.

Posted by: Linus at April 20, 2004 1:07 AM

er, i just ate some of the leftover cheesecake...not a good idea.

Posted by: tien at April 20, 2004 10:17 PM

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