April 13, 2004

Monday is the New Wednesday

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With my friend Schreiber in town from San Francisco, it looks like I will be going out a few nights. Last night, Schreibs, his friend Miko, and I hit up a few of those Japanese places around Stuyvesant St and 3rd Ave including Angel's Share. Thankfully, not a lot of drinking, but not a lot of sleep either.

Posted by tien mao in Friends/Family at 11:04 AM



Angel Share - that's romantic!

Posted by: Jen at April 13, 2004 1:45 PM

yes, we were looking for a romantic night out...the three of us.

Posted by: tien at April 13, 2004 3:41 PM

didja try their frozen lychee martini?

Posted by: halo | veritech pilot at April 13, 2004 5:16 PM

no frozen lychee martini. i figured anything besides beer would have had me really drunk.

Posted by: tien at April 13, 2004 5:34 PM

That guy is soooooooooo hot! What's his name again? Long Dong Silver?

Posted by: Schreibs at April 14, 2004 1:00 AM

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