April 7, 2004

The Life of Steinway Piano No. K0862

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Since last May, The NY Times has documented the life of a Steinway concert grand, piano number K0862. Coverage started from the selection of the wood and ended last week with the final article and a finished piano 10 months later. It has really been interesting to read about how a piano is made and all the care and demands that go into making a concert grand.

From the times:

It is something of a mystery. The same 450 workers bend and shape the wood the same way. The sounding boards are made to the same specifications. The strings and pins, hammers and keys - there should be no variation.

Yet every piano that Steinway & Sons produces has its own sound. Some are modest, some monumental. And no one knows exactly why.

This is the last article in a series following one concert grand as it was made at the Steinway factory in Astoria, Queens.

The articles are lengthy, and there are nine of them, but for those interested, it's worth the read.

- NY Times: "Invention for 900 Hands" - Steinway No. K0862

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