April 4, 2004

A Coney Island Experience

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Today, S. and I met up with several people - including Janelle, Adam and Marc (aka Seltzerboy) of Slice - in Coney Island to take part in Slice's Pizza Club on it's trip to Totonno's. While there, we took the opportunity to hit up some other "must dos" on the island - Nathan's Hot Dogs and The Cyclone. Our trip to Totonno's coincided with the opening of The Cyclone, which brought out Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

The turnout was good despite the rain, with several people showing up for Nathan's and The Cyclone and some more showing up for pizza. I got to ride The Cyclone for the first time in my life despite living in New York from birth. I met the Borough President, who clearly loves Brooklyn more than anything (it was evident in our 15 minute conversation with him), I had some great pizza at Totonno's, where we met Ed Levine, a NY Times food critic. Ed Levine is the critic that wrote the article that resulted in the "Cheesecake Challenge".

- Slice on "Slice Pizza Club No. 2: Marty, Ed, And Totonno's"
- Janelle on "i went to coney island and all i got was this lousy "brooklyn" lapel pin"

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Fantastic! It's so fitting that when you go to Coney Island for a slice, Marty is there.

Posted by: Jen at April 5, 2004 9:56 AM

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