April 1, 2004

April Fool's Memories

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As a family, we never did many things for April Fool's Day. I'm not sure if it was an Asian thing or if I'm just suppressing all the horrible pranks my parents played on me. All I can remember is telling my dad that his glasses were lost, but they were really hidden in the cabinet (I still remember the smell of that cabinet). I think I did this for maybe 4 years in a row and every time, he would just say, "Really?!?" He was probably humoring me, but you never know. Memory on my dad's side never has been the best, so maybe it wasn't just an act.

So in lieu of me pulling a prank here, I offer up some humor from The Onion on the left.

Posted by tien mao in Friends/Family at 7:13 AM



"hand is swimsuit model's vagina" - LOL!!! god that was some funny shit

Posted by: jeannette at April 2, 2004 1:50 PM

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