March 25, 2004

Supreme Court = Drama

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I'm not sure when I became interested in reading stuff about the Supreme Court, but I know I love reading about it now. Well, at least reading coverage about it. I don't know if it was the decision on affirmative action at U of M or other stuff, but lately, I can't get enough of the court information. I loved series that Linda Greenhouse of the NY Times did on The Blackmun Papers, which gave readers a glimpse of what the court is behind the scenes. Maybe it's that I just like Greenhouse's articles a lot. Who knows.

I also love it when the Supreme Court makes it onto TV. Last night, The West Wing featured a story line about replacing a dead justice. I thought it was great. Maybe it wasn't and I was just jaded by the story line, but I was quite entertained. I even liked that show First Monday that was on CBS, which didn't get rave reviews from people involved with the court.

Linda Greenhouse articles from NY Times:
- Atheist Presents Case for Taking God From Pledge
- The Blackmun Papers: Documents Reveal the Evolution of a Supreme Court Justice
- The Blackmun Papers: Friends for Decades, but Years on Court Left Them Strangers
- Between Cases, Betting Pools, Kind Notes and Row vs. Wade

Posted by tien mao in Politics at 1:39 PM



I thought west wing last night was fairly wretched, like most of the episodes this season have been. It really misses Sorkin; his wit and cleverness and been replaced by syrupy storylines that often make me cringe.

Posted by: JK at March 25, 2004 2:42 PM

i agree that it's not the same without sorkin, but i still love anything that has supreme court stuff in it.

that said, it looks like next week's episode is going to suck. it is like the whole "live" thing that they did on er a few years back.

Posted by: tien at March 25, 2004 2:51 PM

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