March 22, 2004


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Saturday night, after all our other activities, we watched Demonlover. I'm really not sure what to say about this film. Some thoughts that come to mind - interesting, confusing, fascinating, and annoying. It was just a strange movie. I almost want to write it off as another strange foreign film, but despite my confusion about the movie, I think that it was worth checking out.

Demonlover stars Connie Nielsen (who, might I add, is absolutely beautiful in this movie) as a corporate mole who is working for a french conglomerate. Her company is negotiating for the rights to some Japanese porn-anime and is negotiating the American online distribution rights as well. Somewhere along the line, the movie takes a twist into a strange online world that has real-world consequences.

I've never been good at explaining movies, but Demonlover is even harder to explain. I'm happy that I checked it out though. Now if someone could only explain the whole movie to me, I would appreciate it.

- Demonlover (official site)
- Jen's review of Demonlover (she explains it much better than I do)

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so i didn't enjoy the movie. i think some topics that it addresses (issues of power/control/knowledge, the underbelly of the internet) are very interesting. and i liked that it made you think it was a fairly straightforward industrial espionage movie and then made a sharp left turn. but i felt that most of it didn't come together satisfactorily. maybe it was that the editing wasn't tight. maybe that i felt that the direction was somewhat directionless?

what was interesting is that in the special features, chloe sevigny talks about how she never got any direction from olivier assayas, and that was frustrating for her. i think i needed more direction from him, too, as a viewer. i got fed a bunch of interesting ideas, but none of them played out in a very coherent way.

don't get me wrong - i've seen plenty of movies that made me go "huh?" and that i really enjoyed, but i think demonlover could have used a LOT of tightening up. and i could have done without the shots of doughy butt. ;)

Posted by: jeannette at March 22, 2004 11:23 AM

yeah, there was something missing to make the movie great. but i think that it was still good, just strange in a way.

so as far as the tightening up, you clearly think the doughy butt could also use some tightening action.

Posted by: tien at March 22, 2004 1:28 PM

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