March 12, 2004

Simpsons Post-Birthday Swag

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I don't think I'm ever going to have a party or dinner again! The gifts just keep on coming. Maybe next year, I'll just invite people to my apartment for dinner or something (assuming my apartment ever gets finished) and they can bring gifts. Man, I sound materialistic. Anyway, Jen and Jake of Gothamist gave me The Ultimate Simpsons in a Big Ol' Box: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family Seasons 1-12. Essentially, it's three books about my favorite television show, The Simpsons. It covers every episode of the series from season 1-12, which spans the years 1989-2001. Excellent (say that like Mr. Burns).

Thanks, Gothamist! Er...I mean, thanks, Jen and Jake!

Posted by tien mao in Birthdays at 7:26 AM



Hooray, you got it! Enjoy like a keg of Duff.

Posted by: Jen at March 14, 2004 4:58 PM

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