March 11, 2004


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This morning, I got a parking ticket. I was in a street cleaning zone where the street cleaning starts at 8 A.M. So I get downstairs at about 8:03, see the little police cart slowly driving up the block towards my car where it stops (my car was almost two blocks away). As soon as I saw the cart, I ran towards my car, only to get there as the police officer was writing the ticket. At that point, I knew it was too late. There's no arguing with a police officer when he's already written the ticket, that and I was tired and out of breath. I said, "You can just give the ticket to me, since I'm right here." I followed that up with a un-sarcastic "thanks." Not a peep from the officer.

The crappy part is that the cops don't ticket right at 8 for the block in front of my building. Damn uneven ticketing. All that running for nothing too. I think the ticket is going to run $45, which isn't too bad. It's much better than getting the priciest fine in NYC, $180 for no parking in a handicapped plate/permit spot.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 10:17 AM



were you late because you were moisturizing?

Posted by: JK at March 11, 2004 11:29 AM

yes, that's right, my butt cheeks are extremely dry with this cold weather.

Posted by: tien at March 11, 2004 11:40 AM

i got a ticket like that in downtown houston b/c i was parked at a meter at like 8:57, even though from 7-9 it is a no-parking zone for rush hour traffic. i mean, i paid the meter, WTF? the cop was just sitting there. and i only parked there for like 5 minutes to return a book to the public library, but i paid for like a half hour. i contested it with no problem, but still - what a racket.

Posted by: janelle at March 11, 2004 2:30 PM

Please send the cops to my neighborhood, the East Village. Cars have completely taken over. We need MORE tickets!

Posted by: mike at March 11, 2004 3:13 PM

a couple days ago it was drizzling on the way to work, and from the bus i saw a cop writing a ticket but struggling with her pen (guess it wasn't writing well in the rain). the bus driver opened the door and offered her a pen.

Posted by: el at March 11, 2004 3:29 PM

Exactly why I don't have a car. Too much trouble. Tien, I didn't know you had a car. That's good fact to hold onto...

Posted by: corie at March 11, 2004 4:29 PM

i don't have problems with the ticket writing, i just think they should be a little more say 5 minutes. that's all i ask. or at least for a "mao exception".

corie, technically, i don't have a car. my parents are away, so i'm "taking care" of it. i generally have access to it though.

Posted by: tien at March 11, 2004 4:32 PM

shelling over money for a ticket or getting towed is this worst. I think it might be because you don't get anything in return, except for your car back in the case of towing. Still though, I can't imagine anything else I would hate spending money on more. It irks me.

Posted by: michael at March 11, 2004 5:26 PM

i get really pissed off when i get parking tickets, but seeing as i don't have a parking lot, i figure that 4 tickets in the past year and a half is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Posted by: dahl at March 11, 2004 5:32 PM

getting towed is worse, much worse. because if you get towed, you have to pay a huge fee and pay all your unpaid tickets. and in new york, you have to pay in cash. bastards.

dahl, 4 tickets in 1.5 years is pretty good.

Posted by: tien at March 11, 2004 11:15 PM

i just read this post again and realized "wait, tien has a car?" so i guess that means it's available to take friends to home depot?

Posted by: el at March 12, 2004 4:19 PM

tien has a car sunday-thursday after 7 pm. tien is available to go to HD during those hours.

Posted by: tien at March 12, 2004 4:52 PM

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