March 2, 2004

Steroids! Baseball! No!!

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Clearly, there are some stupid baseball players - players that take steroids even though they know when they will get tested. Now, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, and three other players received steroids. Idiots. Besides irreparable harm to their bodies, these idiots have now tarnished their professional accomplishments. Obviously, they all deny the report from the Chronicle.

The players allegedly obtained steroids from Barry Bonds' personal trainer and friend Greg Anderson. Bonds also reportedly received human growth hormone. Federal investigators stumbled upon all the information when they were investigating the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO). In the information provided, there is no evidence of the players taking the drugs.

Is it wrong of me to declare these players guilty, despite no concrete evidence? Sure, but that's not going to stop me from judging them. I hope there is some evidence that comes out that shows that they used the steroids. There is no place for steroid use in professional sports. Do I care if the product on the field changes? Not really. I couldn't care less if there were no 70 home run hitters in baseball because as much as people love home runs, that's not what the game is about. Nor is it about juiced up meatheads trotting around the base paths.

George Vecsey also hates cheaters. Olympics or baseball, cheaters ruin sports. Vecsey writes, "I don't necessarily believe any athlete who proclaims abstinence from performance-enhancing drugs. Paper cups all around, I say." Here, here.

- SF Chronicle: Bonds got steroids, feds were told Slugger's trainer said to have given substances to several athletes
- NY Times: Athletes Who Use Drugs Are Cheating the Fans

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I can't believe Bonds may have used Steroids! I just figured that he had discovered some unknown new exercise that works the head, allowing him to dramatically increase the size of his melon!

Seriously, I'm not really surprised by this. First of all, MLB's drug policy is ridiculously lenient, so there is no deterrent there. Secondly, these guys are pressured to perform and there are millions of dollars at stake. Personally, I would never use steroids if I was an pro athlete, and I certain don't condone their use by others, but I can understand why some/many do use them.

Posted by: Justin at March 2, 2004 10:52 PM

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