February 17, 2004

The Weekly "Quotations from Mao"

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Another edition of everybody's favorite feature here on the lil' read book, "Quotations from Mao".

Mao said:
The people of the countries in the socialist camp should unite, the people of the countries in Asia, Africa and Latin American should unite, the people of all the continents should unite, all peace-loving countries should unite, and all countries subjected to U.S. aggression, control, intervention or bullying should unite, and so form the broadest united front to oppose the U.S. imperialist policies of aggression and war and to defend world peace. - January, 1964

- All "Quotations from Mao"

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Just so you know, I at least enjoy the quotes even if nobody else does! They don't always lead to comments, but they are interesting to read. I like this one, just goes to show how 2 different countries/ideologies can look at the same world situation and view it in very different ways.

Anyway, I humbly propose yet another new addition to the little read book: a weekly simpsons quote! Here's one to get you started:

Mr. Burns, while under fire from dept. of labor officials about employing illegal immigrants: "Why, Zutroy here is as American as apple pie!"

Posted by: Justin at February 17, 2004 11:50 AM

i'm glad you appreciate them justin. my mom thought that it was a little heavy on the communist theme, what with the "little read book" title and picture, but i think it's okay. i like to think that each one has a slight commentary on the current state of national/world affairs too.

as for the simpsons quote, it's a good idea, but i'm just getting into the mao thing and have a hard time remembering to do it as it is.

Posted by: tien at February 17, 2004 2:14 PM

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