February 13, 2004

Goodbye to Gage & Tollner

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Even more tragic than the closing of Lutèce is the closing of Gage & Tollner, a Brooklyn institution. The restaurant has been open since 1879 and has been at 372 Fulton street since 1892. 1892!! How crazy is that? In its present location, there are 36 gas lamps in their dining hall, each one lit daily by a waiter. Gage & Tollner even has cut-glass chandeliers and mahogany tables.

Their were a few problems that Gage & Tollner faced, the Downtown Brooklyn are was not favorable to business and perhaps they didn't adapt to the times. The area around Gage & Tollner is full of discount stores and fast food eateries, with many things closing by nightfall, resulting in a "dead" area. Some analysts said that Gage & Tollner also failed to adapt to the changing palates of diners. The current owner hopes to re-open Gage & Tollner in a new location, but in my mind, a lot of history will be lost if Gage & Tollner isn't in the same four-story brownstone.

I've been to Gage & Tollner once, and I can see how they might have fallen behind newer restaurants. The food was decent, but not spectacular. The space though was charming and, in my opinion, reason enough to try to keep Gage & Tollner in the same location.

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tha'ts disappointing to hear, but i suppose not too surprising. i kinda always thought they'd get enough business due to their proximity to the marriott, but that must not be enough. with some 95% of fulton mall being the crapfest that it is, you'd think a few of those stores would turn over for something a little more sophisticated. kinda makes me wish NY had a law limiting the number of fast food joints in a given area. and cell phone stores!

Posted by: Jimmy Legs at February 15, 2004 7:25 PM

there aren't that many fancy places around the marriott, so you would think it would have benefited, but i guess not.

Posted by: tien at February 15, 2004 9:17 PM

I lived in Brooklyn for part of 2003 and really grew to love this place. The food was pretty good, in my opinion, and generous for the price. What really made the place was the ambience and the service, though. It just felt like a great place to relax.

Posted by: Ian at May 18, 2005 1:37 PM

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