January 31, 2004

Walking the High Line

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Early this morning, I met up with Rachelle, Mike, and a couple of Mike's friends for a trip to the High Line. Not exactly the safest or wisest thing in the world to do, but a fun and entertaining time nonetheless.

Built in the 1930s, the High Line elevated rail traffic in New York City above the streets, reducing the number of accidents caused when railroad traffic, vehicles, and pedestrians mix. Completed in 1934, the High Line stretched for 13 miles and brought food and merchandise into New York, which made it known as the "Life Line of New York." With trucking on the rise in the 1950s, the decline of the High Line was imminent. The final freight train on the High Line ran in 1980. While sections or the High Line still stand today, it is in disrepair and there is much controversy regarding the fate of the High Line.

I have tons of other photos that I will put up soon, probably starting Monday since it's Superbowl weekend and everything.

More information:
- Rachelle on "The High Line"
- Mike on "Winter High Line 1"
- Mike on "Winter High Line 2"
- Friends of the High Line

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How did you guys not get completely wet and dirty climbing under that first fence?

Posted by: lys at February 2, 2004 2:14 AM

we DID get completely wet & dirty

Posted by: rachelleb at February 2, 2004 7:34 AM

well, i was lucky enough to have ski pants and gore-tex like jacket on, so i didn't get wet at all. my feet were a little damp, but not uncomfortable at all. i also got a little dirty, but that should just wash off.

Posted by: tien at February 2, 2004 9:12 AM

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