January 27, 2004

The Weekly "Quotations from Mao"

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In continuing last week's Inaugural "Quotations from Mao", I am posting another quotation from Mao.

Mao said:
"The Chinese Red Army is an armed body for carrying out the political tasks of the revolution. Expecially at present, the Red Army should certainly not confine itself to fighting; besides fighting to destroy the enemy's military strength, it should shoulder such important tasks as doing propaganda among the masses, organizing the masses, arming them, helping them to establish revolutionary political power and setting up Party organizations. The Red Arm fights not merely for the sake of fighting but in order to conduct propaganda among the masses, organize them, arm them, and help them to establish revolutionary political power. Without these objectives, fighting loses its meaning and the Red Army loses the reason for its existence." - December, 1929

- The Inaugural "Quotations from Mao"

Posted by tien mao in Mao Quotes at 7:42 PM



Are you sure he said that in 1929? Cause he didn't take power until the late 1940s. I guess this was a case of him talking about what he wanted to do when he finally took power.

Posted by: Justin at January 28, 2004 9:35 AM

hmm, maybe that was a typo on my part? i'll check that when i get home.

Posted by: tien at January 28, 2004 10:06 AM

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