January 23, 2004

"Do you Have a Race Card?" "Go Fish!"

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So, I saw this article on ESPN.com about how Kobe Bryant's lawyers "played the race card" at his hearing today, and I thought, "what is the origin of that term?" I did a little research and one site says it's a phrase that originates from 1960's England. It referred to a candidate's attempts "to gain advantage in an election by pandering to the electorate's racism." For the full origin, check out the definition (I don't really want to write all the words here). The BBC has a much more detailed description of the meaning and origin.

I just thought it would be a fun game - "Race Card - The Game." "Man, I've got white." "My yellow beats your white!" "Oh yeah, I have black, my card trumps you all! I win!" Hmm, maybe not as fun as I initially though, but if it didn't involve race, it would kind of be like UNO.

Posted by tien mao in Sports at 3:56 PM



Ha. Did you see the season premier of Dave Chappelle's Show? He had a skit "Racial Draft 2004," in which the different races claimed various celebs and sports figures. The black delegation claimed Tiger Woods; whites chose Colin Powell and were forced to take Condi Rice as part of the deal. The Asians' surprise pick was the Wu-Tang Clan.

Posted by: Adam at January 27, 2004 10:54 PM

hey adam, no, i didn't see that. but from what i hear that wu-tang clan ain't nuttin ta fuck wit, so that's a good pick by the asian delegation.

Posted by: tien at January 28, 2004 12:35 AM

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